Site Traffic Crash by Google Layout / Panda Update

Our site traffic crashed over the week by 50%, closely after Google Page Layout Algo update was announced which was meant to penalize Google search traffic to sites with heavy ads above the fold. Now site traffic seems to have affected all pages across the site as traffic hits new lows.

Google Page Layout Update

We had only one 336×280 ad unit aligned right and only one 160x90px adlink unit aligned left above the main content. There are few 125×125 buysellads banners in the sidebar. Ironically the same day Google Adsense sent an email that we should place upto 3 Adsense ad units to monetize more. High ad to content sites were earlier penalized by the Google Panda update and reducing ads was a suggested measure for Panda recovery.

What seemed to be the problem was the 2 navigation bars on top pushing content lower and there were ads placed high. So it seemed likely that there was low content to ad ratio above the fold. Now the site traffic is down badly by 50%.

Google Panda Traffic Fall

Page Layout Changes

Some changes I quickly did to fix the site layout were as follows-

  1. Navigation bars were removed from all pages (except the homepage), as this will help to push the content upwards and expose more content above the fold
  2. The content area width was widened to allow more content to rise above the fold.
  3. Breadcrumbs were made smaller and their high navigation was significantly narrowed
  4. Reduced the size of the large rectangle from 336x280px to 300x250px and continued to retain it right aligned. That still retains the single Adsense unit.
  5. Removed the 160px wide ad link unit, so that removes the sole ad link unit.
  6. Pushed down the Buysellads in the sidebar, from the middle right position to a much lower position. This brings it below the fold mostly and now we need to reduce the ad pricing significantly. We also plan to reduce the number of 125×125 ads from max 4 to 2 in number soon.
  7. Used the browser size tool to ensure there was only 1 ad visibile on majority of our pages for maximum users
  8. We also removed the excellent related posts widget by Outbrain, the amazing Sharebar plugin, several other sidebar plugins and scripts to reduce confusion with ad scripts, which in turn made site faster and reduced page load time significantly
  9. Removed repeated several links for popular posts etc, which might be interpreted wrongly as duplicate content.

Site Traffic Recovery?

Now as mentioned in the Google article, sites affected by page layout algo will be fixed when Googlebot recrawls affected sites, which should restore the search engine rankings, and it might take weeks. But reports are coming in that this was the Google Panda 3.2 update, which might suggest need to fix some other issues and may complicate traffic recovery.

The good part about the strong QOT community is that despite the search engine traffic drop, we will continue to publish great content and every new QOT article will continue to reach 25000 RSS readers, 8700 Facebook fans, 3900 Twitter fans and 1900 Google+ followers.

It has been a learning experience and indeed the site loads much faster, has much lesser ads, much cleaner design and definitely a better user experience… which Google aims for. Please see if any of these issues affect your site and fix them as soon as possible.

Any advice from the readers which might help site traffic recover is most welcome.


  1. Irfan@RealTimeTricks says:

    Wish you all the best though i have not seen my blog got affected. But would consider to follow your advice.

  2. Swamykant says:

    Actually my blogs are also suffering from same issue. However this drop in traffic is not just because of the recent panda update.

    Personalized search result introduced recently by Google has more impact

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Swamykant – How are you dealing with the traffic drop?

  4. Vivek says:

    This panda update is ridiculous, Google has not stopped above the fold advertisements on its own search results and forcing publishers to do. Charity should start from home.

  5. Arun rana says:

    hi ,this panda affects my traffic also ,please update when u will recover by this update …

  6. Daniel says:

    My site also has been seriously affected by this ridiculous update. I lost almost a half of searched visitors. So boring! Maybe now is the time to recover by writing more articles and change layout. :-(.

  7. Chris Trynkiewicz says:

    Hi. I was also affected, (although I had lots of high quality content above the fold), changed the layout the same day. Still no progress, although I see that google re-crawled my site. Your jaw would drop if you saw what crappy sites are above mine now. This update is stupid as google demands things from us that they don’t do themselves.
    Please post an update if you get out of the filter :)

  8. Madhav Tripathi says:

    it is a double blow from Google, Panda is hurting traffic and Adsense CPM is also down up to 50%. All the adsense revenue are continuously going down each month. If I remove the ads above the fold I will loose my 85% revenue without any penalization.

  9. Sagar says:

    My blog is also badly affected by this panda update, traffic down by almost 50%, I’ve also taken similar steps like you have done and removed all ads above the fold except 1 ad unit, below the post title. Hope to recover soon by the next update. Cheers and good luck! :)

  10. Rajib Kumar says:

    Ohh!! It’s ridiculous. My blog also affected by latest panda effect.

  11. Vijay says:

    This is ridiculous now I understand why my traffic has gone back 10 months in past when I started. Thanks a ton

  12. Salman says:

    Earlier my blog too experienced drop in traffic… I followed exactly some of the tips as mentioned like updating/removing low quality content, managing broken links…etc Now I am gaining back the earlier position in the SERP’s

  13. Navin says:

    Thanks for the update bro, my traffic too dropped almost 30%. Now I removed allmost all ads above the fold, except one next to the logo, it has been sold for 6 months… :(, well I must say the google paygelayout algo update would make some bloggers bankrupt!

  14. Rajesh says:

    My Blog is Also Affected with same update, Now trying to use some of your tips. Hope will recover soon from the panda

  15. Ven says:


    Its really tough to predict the root cause and i don’t believe a drop for QOT where i always see great content + inspiration.

    Is it recovered now with your new changes/optimizations on place ?

    Your feedback will be helpful.


    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      The traffic is getting worse than before. But we are still busy fixing all that is possible. Thanks for your support.

  16. Akhilesh Sharma says:

    Why don’t you increase the width of #container to about 950px? This will allow you to further increase the width of the content area thereby increasing the overall content above the fold. Its small size (840px) is the main reason you have little content above the fold.

    I am assuming that despite the large amount of changes that you have made, your traffic has still not recovered. I don’t want to sound rude in saying so please take it in the way it is supposed to be.

  17. some guy says:

    Your site has duplicate content, comment-page-1, 2, 3, 4…remove the post content from comment pages…or show an excerpt.

  18. some guy says:

    My five years old site lost rankings on 19th. Lost 50% traffic. Made a lot of positive changes, still continue to lose rankings. Drastic reduce in above the fold ads. I get way less clicks on ads now.

    I get positive feedback from users about my site, yet I lost rankings.:-(

    I see low quality websites ranking above my website.

    Has anyone recovered from the page layout algorithm?

  19. Paul says:

    It would have been nice, if you’d posted an update. Did you recover from the changes you made?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      We are still stuck with low traffic due to Panda and Penguin. Will post update soon.

  20. Neil says:

    Has the site recovered yet? I found it via search so it can’t be doing too badly :)
    Would love to hear if these things helped or it anything else helped…

  21. some guy says:

    There has been another Page Layout update, tweet by Matt Cutts.
    Did your site recover? Mine didn’t.

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