Use Google Penalty Checker to Confirm Panda, Penguin Impact

Is your site affected by Google Panda or Penguin updates? The Google penalty checker is a nifty tool to help you find out if your website was affected during different Google algorithmic Panda or Penguin updates.

Fruition has created the Google penalty checker, which compiles data from your Google analytics account, and compares the increase in traffic or site traffic drop with various Google penalty roll-out dates and is able to prepare a graphic visualization of your website traffic and its affect by Google penalty algorithms.

We have been fighting Panda for the last years and as Fruition allows a free account to check two websites, I jumped right in to try out the tool and to find possibly if we were affected by more Google penalties than we expected. Its great that it is not a limited version and has all the features you need. To check more domain names, you need to pay a fee and also get access to their API and support.

Check Google Penalty

First we created a free account in minutes. Its a good idea to use the same email as that of your Analytics account so it can grab the data easily. We chose the self service penalty check to get started. Then you need to authorize your Google Analytics account to let the penalty checker access data.

Then it will get access to ALL domains registered under your Analytics account. Remember you can access only 2 domains to use the free penalty checker account. We tried it on our website and indeed it revealed a huge penalty on the dashboard.

penalty impact dashboard

A quick click on the link and behold, it will compare all your site traffic drops and rises with the Google penalty dates, and give you a quick visualization chart as well as detailed date wise affect off Google penalty on your website.

Here is what our Google penalty chart looks like. As you can appreciate it’s full of red and orange dots, which signify negative and extremely negative impact of Google penalties on our website.

Google Penalty Chart

The green dots signify Positive Impact; Yellow dots mean No Impact; Orange dots mean Negative Impact while the red dots mean Extremely Negative Impact. I think there were more penalty updates than they chart, but then I think they have taken only the major confirmed updates into consideration.

While we liked to believe we were affected by only a few Panda or Penguin updates, these charts make it clear that the impact was much more than we expected and has been happening continuously for the last 2 years. I reviewed our Google Analytics after that, and indeed it matched the trends. Note the red dot signified our maximum traffic drop due to layout update). So basically since it is actually accessing your Analytics data, the result is mostly accurate.

While there has been continuous penalty hits for last few months, and it was difficulty to analyze by Analytics, the charts here are clear with all those orange alerts.

Google penalty dates

So if your site is hit by Google Panda and Penguin penalties, try this tool and you do not need a SEO expert to find out whats hitting your search engine rankings. [NB – No financial interest].

Update: Found another free tool by Barracuda called Panguin tool, which will again process your Google Analytics data, superimpose lines of Google algorithms updates and show keyword data as well. Here is what our chart looks like.
panguin tool


  1. Hyptia says:

    Now a lot of problem will solve out for me because i am also facing same problem in couple of domains and i am sure now i will get these all details which links are left negative impact on site.

  2. Mahendra says:

    Yeah.. Its a good and quality article for me. This problem also facing many peoples. I hope it will helping more.

  3. blogging tips says:

    This site is awesome, now I can prepare my recovery!

  4. Fletcher L. Ortega says:

    We also offer Google penalty removal and cleanup services as a continuation of our penalty assessment. The amount of time is difficult to determine in advance as the poor websites may be out of business, or happy to comply, and so the project could be lengthy. We will quote for time estimated to cleanup the Google penalty, but we cannot guarantee results – Google does not assist in this process and linking sites are beyond our control. But if it is not done then the penalty remains so there is usually no choice but to remove bad links.

  5. Sidney Kennedy says:

    I have thought about such tool as it’s easier to create a panda and penguin penalty checker tool. All you need is to do, create a timeline of your traffic and matches it with Algo updates date and analyze, when traffic increased and when it dropped. Penguintool does the same thing and it requires you to have a Google analytic account . This is a very easy to use online tool and all you need to do is, give access to your Google analytic account, select the profile and site for which you wish to check for Panda and penguin penalty and it will show a timeline of traffic and you can analyze depending upon traffic drop or increase.

  6. Cesar K. Duncan says:

    Time is money and if you have a penalty then every moment you spend looking into this or just hoping it will get better is more money you are leaving on the table. We can provide a detailed report identifying any likely penalties allowing with actionable points covering what you can do to recover. In extreme cases where recovery is unlikely, we can provide guidance on the best way to start over and work on a safe, stable and long term SEO strategy.

  7. Donnie C. Stone says:

    So what’s likely to happen here? The Globe & Mail and Edutopia will probably get a PageRank reduction, which is largely meaningless. Potentially, they might not rank as well for some things because of this. But that’s really a deterrent to people who are trying to buy links from sites with high PageRank values, as those links are deemed more valuable. Since neither was likely intending to sell links, it’s no real loss for them. It’s a light penalty, because while Google doesn’t assess intent in deciding what’s right and wrong, it does take that into account when deciding how to punish.

  8. Shawn Gossman says:

    I think its a good thing that bloggers can easily check if they are being penalized. It means that Google is actually trying to make their search a better place for everyone including those who want to be on top. Good blog!

  9. Abrar Tariq says:

    Great tips. This will be very useful tool for me before buying websites. see your around.

  10. nice says:

    nice tool, but did your site recover?

  11. anisha says:

    Great Post :) Thank you for Sharing…
    All Post are real and genuine . Keep Posting new Articles .

  12. t sambasivarao says:

    Great Post :) Thank you for Sharing…
    All Post are real and genuine . Keep Posting new Articles .

  13. Rajat says:

    This is a great tool and will help a lot to confirm the panda impact. Thx a lot

  14. Paket Verfolgen says:

    Thank you for the tips, with the penalty checker. Didn’t know that there were tools like this! You helped me a lot!

  15. Knight says:

    Thanks for sharing a helpful resource to check the penalty but after penalty recovering sites to there original position is quite tough i tried onto 2-3 sites but results not achieved ;(

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