New Collapsible Google Adsense Ad Units

Google Adsense is testing collapsible ad units and I had an opportunity to check them out. Typically there were 4 links in the large rectangle 336×280 px ad unit. But what was unique was that only the top ad was shown in full. Rest of the 3 links were collapsed. Hovering over those links, collapsed the previous ads and made the new ad active with full display of content.

See how the ad unit looks like

collapse adsense unit

And see what happens when you hover over the other links and not click it. Note that the ad unit changes color to gray background when you hover over it. Also note that the url is shown when you hover over the arrow.

collapse  adsense ads

I did not click the ads but I assume that clicking on them will take you to the advertisers website. It again shows the importance of the ad link title which will prompt users to hover and click the link.

I particularly like the large prominent links which truly stand out on any page and will encourage a high CTR. Have you seen these ads? What are your thoughts about these ads?


  1. Tanis says:

    This is the first place i’ve heard of them, i will implement it and wait for results. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Shawn Gossman says:

    I am all for this sort of feature on Adsense. It could prevent more and more people from using adblock technologies on a website or blog. Thanks for sharing! It looks exiciting :)

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