New 970×90 Super Large Leaderboard Adsense Units

Google Adsense introduced the Super Large leaderboards ad unit measuring 970×90 px and promises to overtake the whole width of your website. It is a welcome addition to the Adsense family as large ads are popular and the new ad formats are more compatible with modern site design formats and sizes.

I always found the leaderboard 728×90 a little short of the usual blog widths and designers had to find new ways to fit them in by center aligning or adding thicker borders. Adsense had earlier released the large skyscaper 300×600 ad units and you must have read our recent review of the same.

970×90 Super Large Leaderboard

Brands advertisers will particularly find it a great addition as the leaderboard is usually placed on top of websites and such a large visual ad promises a huge impact and high CTR. As a newly adopted IAB standard, I am sure this ad will get more popular with time. As with all  new Adsense ad sizes, the image ads inventory is low and they mostly show text ads. This large leaderboard is customized to show upto 4 text ads in columns.

I tested it on our website and right now the 970px wide design cannot fit on our pages unless we widen the site design. A single text ad is showing on most pages


As there is a lack of image ads inventory, they are filling the image ad size with 728×90 leaderboards.

large leaderboard

Will you be using this large super leaderboard on your site?


  1. Sotiris says:

    Yeah it seems like a good adsense unit and fits perfectly in my site :)

  2. Armando Boni says:

    Does not google knows that the standart width of many websites is 960px ? Why do not they make it 960×90 but make it 970×90 ? Is not this a stupid choice?

  3. Saurabh says:

    Yeah, I am using 970 x 90 Super Large Leaderboard on my Site

    Though it is having high CTR but still, It is having low CPC. I have just inserted this ad as an experiment to my site. Let’s see what will be its performance

  4. Alisha singh says:

    Not a good choice for all websites. So google needs to think again on this.

  5. Email marketing sotware says:

    Nice thought but shall we need to keep the 960px as standard for all websites. Will it help to each businesses.

  6. Karnal Singh says:

    This size will not be of help to all the websites – depends on your site’s design,but definitely availability of this size will increase the options for adsense users….

  7. Siddhartha Sinha says:

    Till now I have not used this 970X90 super large Leaderboard but definetly one is going to get more number of clicks as compared to other ad format.

  8. Jenna S. says:

    Isnt that size a little too big? Did you see any change in the CTR?

  9. Kulwant says:

    Yaa , i have tested it on one of my site and increased ctr thrice but did not perform on other :)

  10. Kumar Suhas says:

    Hello P.Chandra, I have been using AdSense but really not aware of this ad size. Knowing about this ad size for the first time. Thanks for the information.

  11. Rohan Mod says:

    awesome i think we have seen such ad units in youtube if i am not wrong and now it is available to all going to try these hope i get good cpc for this.

  12. Mahesh Charjan says:

    O thanks for sharing this tips i was looking to experiment with my adsence now.I hope your tips will help me me out.

  13. Toukir says:

    i don’t think so it will be an ideal ad size for website or may be it will but google still recommends other ad format then the new once’s. What do you think do i need to change the ads because currently my revenue is decreasing day by day and i really don’t know why.

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