How to Know Google Glass is Taking Your Photo, Video

How can you find out if someone wearing Google glass is taking photos and videos of you, your family or your house? People are now  more concerned about their privacy, as Google glass is getting more common and it is important that we know when our photo is snapped without our permission.

When you see a camera or mobile phone being pointed towards you, or a flash from these gadgets – you are pretty sure that your photo has been taken. But when Google glass users look towards you, how do you know they are not photographing you without permission and compromising your privacy.

It seems that it is easy to find out if you notice carefully …

Is Google Glass Taking Photos?

Google glass privacyAware of  privacy concerns of general public related to Google glass, it seems they have incorporated some features which will make it obvious that the Google glass camera is active and the person is actually recording video or snapping photos.

  1. Direct Look –  It is important that the person has to look towards you to snap photos and record your videos. While clicking photos can be done instantly and the person may look away, recording videos will need them to look towards you for the time of the video recording. Note sometimes they may capture you in the side of the field and  not look directly. The Glass does not have flash, but can take 5MP photos and 720p videos.
  2. Voice action – the Google glass camera does not record videos or take photos without instruction. The user needs to say “OK Glass, take a picture” to take photo or say  “OK Glass, record a video” to record video for the Google glass to perform the action. So if you see the Google glass user saying something and staring at you, probably they are taking your photo.
  3. Finger gestures – The other way to activate camera on Google glass is to press button on top of the Google glass frame –  if you see the user looking at you, pressing buttons, swiping his finger to check out your photo or share with friends, probably they are snapping a photo.
  4. Google glass screenIlluminated screen – Note that the Google Glass screen is off by default and located just above the users right eye. When the device is active, the camera is recording, the screen lights up with the photo and options and and you are able to know that the device is active. There is also a higher chance the persons eye is slightly looking up to see through Glass.
  5. Time limits –  Note the Google glass only records 10 seconds video by default and cannot record more than 45 minutes continuous video on single charge. So you can keep this in mind if you suspect someone is recording your video.

See how people use Google Glass

Google Glass is a futuristic wearable technology and will soon be available everywhere around the world. Over time Google Glass etiquette will develop –  like why do you need to wear Google glass in toilets, spas, movie theaters, private places or tourist spots where photography or videography is prohibited. See what people are sharing #throughglass

Till then as privacy issues concern users being photographed by Google Glass, you need to be alert if  your photo or video is being taken. Google Glass is more subtle than a camera or phone being pointed at you… and it is here to stay.

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