Be First to Buy Google Glass Explorer Edition

You can be one of the first people buy Google Glass, and wear the special Google Glasses Explorer Edition. Google invites people to join the Glass Explorer program and be the first to get a chance to try the revolutionary Google glasses, which promise to change the way you see and interact with the world.

Google Glass Demo

Google Glass

Labeled as one of the best inventions of 2012 by TIME, there are many amazing things you can do with Google glass – view time, snap pictures, record videos, share with friends, get directions, send messages with voice, ask questions and even translate! Watch the glass video below

Buy Google Glass

To become a Glass explorer and get a chance to be the first to buy Google glasses  – you need to share with them what you would do with Google Glasses, and follow them and share your thoughts on Twitter and Google+ within 50 words, upto 5 photos , or a 15 seconds video. Remember to label it with hashtag #ifihadglass – see what people are saying about it using this hashtag on Twitter and Google+. Its important that you are over 18 years. This offer is open to US residents only. The last date for participating is February 27th.

If you get chosen, you will be offered to buy Google Glasses for $1500 + tax and get invitation to attend special experience in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Its not cheap, but surely worth the experience… especially since it will change your world.


  1. varma says:

    This is really cool, and hands free. The cost looks high for now. Nice post

  2. Jose says:

    Cool, like Back to the future 2. Looks distracting. Imagine all the accidents this will cause.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thats true, but I suppose people need to train to use it first to avoid accidents. Maybe there will be a warning of no google glasses while driving.

  3. Taswir Haider says:

    Nice post ! That’s really cool.The cost looks high for now. Thanks.

  4. 手工皂洗脸好吗 says:

    Nice post ! That’s really cool.The cost looks high for now. Thanks.

  5. Marian Hammond says:

    Wow!! Google Glass is the best invention of 2012 for sure. Just imagine walking around wearing these cool glasses with loads of cool options. Clicking a picture and recording cannot get easier than this with innovative Google Glass.

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