Grab Google Glass Invites From Your Friends

If your friend owns a  Google Glass, they have a Google Glass invite to let your you buy Google Glass of your own, if you can afford it. I instantly recall how Gmail invites went for a premium and everyone wanted one, and many bought it off Ebay auctions. Now Glass invites are ready!

Google GlassEver since Google opened doors for the Glass Explorers to apply, and a few lucky ones to actually be invited to buy Glass, many could not afford it and possibly many invites went waste (Glass costs around $1500). Now this way in which you can grant an invite to your most needy, yet affording friend will help to spread this amazing wearable technology among your social network, increasing social sharing, while being the envy of your other friends who do not own Glass, and will spend any amount to buy one.

The limited supply and high price will ensure a premium value for the product. It is cool to spot some one wearing Glass and you want your own one. Privacy is still an issue, but you can always find out if someone is taking your photo with Glass.

Google Glass Invites

Ryan Mott posted on Google+ about the new Glass Explorer invites sent out in emails to owners.

Google Glass Invites

The terms suggest that offer is open for US residents only who are over 18 years of age. Also note they should be able to pick their new Glass from San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York only. Do you have a friend who wears Google Glass (probably a Googler) – he has one invite. Are you such a good friend that they will share this invite with YOU.

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