Grab Your Branded Google+ Custom Url

Now is the right time to grab Google+ custom urls for your brand’s Google+ page. Google has revealed that they are rolling out custom urls to all eligible pages and profiles over the week … and you should hurry to get you favorite custom vanity url which will gives solid branding. If you are late, someone else may grab you custom url and you might need to adopt poor brand options.

Google+ Custom Urls

While Google+ has initiated custom profiles for top brands and celebrities over a year back, it is now finally rolling out to all profile and pages. We excitedly logged into our Google+ page and indeed there is a pre-approved url waiting to be approve based on our page name.

google+ custom url

Once you click on the ‘Get Url’ link, a pop up alert gets you to confirm your url change.

Saver Google+ url

This is great as it will change the difficult to recall url
to (which is great for branding)

After you agree to change url, it will again ask to confirm change as you cannot revert back or transfer the url later if needed.

Confirm Google+ url

And once you confirm, the new url is live!

New Custom Google+ url

So this is our new Google+ url
which actually redirects now to

Eligibility for Google+ Custom Urls

So how do you know if your page is eligible for getting a pre-approved custom vanity url? For Google+ pages the only requirement is that they should link to a website! For local Google+ pages, you need a verified local business. For profiles the rules needs at least 10 followers, a profile photo and a profile older than 30 days.

What are you waiting for – grab your custom url before someone else does…

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