New Short Google+ Custom Urls: Get +YourName

Check out +Britney Spears! Google+ rolled out custom vanity name URLs for celebrities and popular brands which gave them a short branded name URL instead of the long number code which has been long attached to Google plus profiles and Google plus pages.

Short Google+ Urls

Britney Spears profile

Here is what our Google plus page URL looks like right now

Wouldn’t it be great if it could look like this

Well actually if you do test the URL below, you will see it is 404 error right now!  But it does work for a lot of other people with the new change which Google plus introduced today – you can try, or!

Most of the social media services have already introduced similar vanity URLs for better branding a long time back and we could grab our URLs like

In fact I remember when Facebook usernames were launched and there was a massive rush as people went out of the way to grab their own usernames, with some journalists getting special privileges, and people sharing cool Facebook usernames.

Google has promised that they will roll out this feature in a phased manner to many more of its millions of Google+ profiles and Google+ Pages very soon. If you have a verified Google+ profile, there are better chances that Google will upgrade your Google plus URL to your name URL of your choice.


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