Top Journalists Grabbed Your Facebook Username!

While you wait till June 13 to grab your Facebook username, some people have jumped the queue and already registered their Facebook username. Facebook has granted this special privilege to a few select journalists and Facebook contacts that lets them grab their Facebook username vanity urls right now.

Some TC editors got this special privilege too and leaked the email

In an email today, Facebook told me – We wanted to let you know that we decided to reserve usernames for the key journalists and outlets we work with. Look out for an email from someone on the communications team with more details. Other writers here at TechCrunch got the same email.

If you are a top journalist, close Facebook client or Facebook employee, check your mail urgently for details on how to grab your username while the world impatiently awaits to crash Facebook servers on 13 June 2009. This is a great move by Facebook to support their clients and keep journalists happy, but for most others it means that although you might be there first to register your Facebook username on June 13, 12:01 a.m. EDT, you might not actually get it because someone was lucky to be on Facebook Priority List.

Were you the privileged few to get your Facebook username? Show off your new username in the comments.

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