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1 Billion People Used Facebook On A Single Day!

The world has 7 billion people and of those 1 billion people used Facebook on a single day on 27 August 2015. It is an estimate of the popularity of Facebook which is touching the lives of billions of people, and for those people who believe its getting over for Facebook, it is an eyeopener!

Mark Zuckerburg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced this huge milestone on Facebook by saying that 1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family on that day.

Facebook even posted a celebration video to mark the event

Well the growing popularity is also reflected in the Facebook stock price as it continues to rise year after year and is seems to be loved by share holders on NASDAQ.

facebook share price


  1. Raphael says:

    Wow, i wish i could pull a tenth of that number to my blog. I’m not a big fan of facebook, but i still visit it everyday. Its amazing to know that one seventh of the world visited facebook in just one day. Little wonder Mark grows richer by the day.

  2. mikhail says:

    Here is the crazy traffic, so many people! What is the number of servers at Facebook to handle that kind of stress

  3. Faisal says:

    1 billion people thats right, but most of the fan pages are blocked for posting.
    I think that should be open.

  4. kazi says:

    Crazy traffic . So many people .. wow..

  5. Viewglobally says:

    Wouldn’t mind getting 10% of that traffic directed to our website :)

  6. Robin Lee says:

    Amazing!! One billion of prospective followers. Just a tenth of it would be enough for me.


  7. Likmona says:

    Wow! Facebook is getting bigger and bigger. They are challenging youtube nowadays.

  8. Rebecca Johnson says:

    That’s fantastic. The only question is how can you add so many friends and followers to your account without getting blocked? Facebook nowadays is really strict about inviting people that you don’t know. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ronit Roy says:

    What? It’s really great news. Facebook brings awesome facilities to connect worldwide communication. Carry on Mark Zukerberg…

  10. Mario Nimal says:

    Made me wonder why so many people decided to simultaneously use Facebook that day! There’s really no stopping Facebook.

  11. RAJAN ARORA says:

    Facebook is really a great platform to get in touch with your college and school friends.Congrats to Mark Zukerberg …. Keep filling joy and love in everybody’s life :) and keep providing people gf and bf ;)

  12. Tanuj says:


    Now around 35% peoples of the world use facebook or whatsapp but what about 65%??

  13. Rug says:

    That’s really amazing, I am also one of those 1 billion people. LOL :) :)

  14. Dentist says:

    Wow…!!! Facebook has become a world in itself. Congrats to Mark Zuckerburg for the milestone he achieved.

  15. Atul Khanna says:

    Thanks for sharing this…we didn’t knew about it….but that’s amazing thing….i think this figure is growing everyday….

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