Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Among Most Generous Donors

Did you know that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is among the most generous donors 2012  and ranks 2nd on the Philanthropy 50, a list of the America’s top donors who donated huge sums of money to nonprofits.

The most generous donor was Warren Buffet, who donated 3 billion dollars, followed by Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan who donated just under $500 million in Facebook stock to Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support education and health programs. Mark had announced on his Facebook page about the donation and how he supported The Giving Pledge, a campaign encouraging billionaires in the United States to donate their wealth to philanthropic causes.

top donors

If you see the Forbes 400, the list of the richest people in America – Bill Gates from Microsoft is still the richest man in America with a wealth of over 64 billion dollars and surprisingly not on the Philanthropy 50, while Mark Zuckerberg is the 36th richest man in America with a wealth of 9.4 Billion dollars!

We all know Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, especially after the Social Network Film, but its good to see reports of his generous philanthropy side and support for causes to help mankind.

2 comments on “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Among Most Generous Donors

  1. Motoring PRO says:

    They all should be donating part of their wealth. What can they do with all that money? You can`t take them with you…
    Congrats to Mark Zuckerberg!

  2. Today news says:

    Unfortunately, charity donations drop last year by 20% as recession stops people from giving.

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