Improve Google India Maps and Win Prizes

Google Maps is launching Mapathon 2013, India’s first mapping contest to improve local Google maps in India by encouraging Indians to participate and improve maps while promising amazing prizes to those who perform the most edits.

google mapping contest

India Mapping Contest

This is a wonderful effort to make Google maps better, especially since local mapping details are particularly lacking in India. The Google Mapathon 2013 competition will run from February 12 to March 25, 2013 and is available for people residing in India only.

Start using the Google Map Maker to edit Google maps and add local information like restaurants, fire stations, petrol pumps, roads, places etc. and save  – Google will verify your edit and it will be added to Google Maps.

So who wins the prizes? Top 1000 contestants with most number of published edits. Simple. Top prizes are 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 800 Android Tablets, 40 Samsung Galaxy SII Android Phones, 50 Flipkart gift coupons worth Rs. 5000 and all 1000 winners get Google Mapathon 2013 t-shirts. Get started.

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