Which Are Most Common First Names in India?

Do you know what the most common first names in India are? Before you read further, can you guess which are the  commonest first names for males and females in India?

Though you would need a census from the Government of India to find that out, and then also it might not be analyzed or made public – social media sites have detailed information and now LinkedIn has shared this data as they crossed 200 million users.

Most Common First Names

Celebrating the event they released this infographic which reveals amazing data  … did you know LinkedIn was very popular in India and  Brazil! Indians proudly constitute nearly 10% of the LinkedIn community with over 18 million users among all the country users (more than UK, Australia, Canada), with US leading the pack with the most 74 million LinkedIn users.

Well while they might not have been able to get clear winners for most common first names in many countries, they found clear winners for commonest first name in 4 countries of India, Brazil, Netherlands and Australia it seems.

linkedin india

Here are some most common first names of males and females on Linkedin

  • Brazil – Marcelo, Ana
  • Netherlands – Jan, Monique
  • Australia – John, Sarah

and finally the most common first names of males and females in India are  AMIT and NEHA!

Did you guess it right? What names did you have in mind? Post in comments.

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