Register .SUCKS Domain Names Starting Today

.SUCKS domain names registration opens for general public today on 21 June. Its a domain name any brand would like to register, not to popularize, but rather to block and hold to prevent misuse from people posting critical and defamatory content about their brand/organization online. And of course there are other bad stuff you might want to crib about.

.SUCKS Domain Names

sucks domain nameThis domain is unlike many other new domain names which we posted about like .GURU, .OOO, .CEO or even the .TIPS domain name which we purchased and it allows you to access this site at (try it).

Though it has a negative critical element to it and might be misused to criticize a particular brand/organization like; it can also be used positively to target health causes like, or how about other social issues like, etc.

Either way it was expected that brands will register their .sucks domain and block them from misuse. While most of us don’t have domains someone would like to buy to demean, there are many who fear misuse. So the pricing is kept high and many options are available.

Domain Pricing

.Sucks registry suggests that .Sucks registration is available under various categories and you can get a standard registration for $249 a year. However if you want to grab a market premium domain name (which they think is a high value domain), it could cost as much as $2499! To prevent misuse, if brands want to block domain names, they can choose the Domain Block option for $199, but that facility is not available for premium domain names (and private domain registration is not possible).

There is another category coming Fall 2015, wherein consumers might choose Consumer Advocate Subsidies option to create discussion forums, where a free hosted consumer forum can be run and cost might come down eventually like other domains to under $10.

Several domain name registrars offer instant registration like,,, and Are you registering this domain name?


  1. john says:

    I think .SUCKS domain not useful. I dont ideal with this domains

  2. aakash says:

    I think its great .sucks for 21st century.

  3. Foamy Media says:

    As funny as it would be to have a ‘.sucks’ domain, I don’t think it would be great for business.

  4. rahul says:

    well this is a new kind of domain….. whether it is good or not

  5. sushant says:

    it also sucks like .sucks……. i don’t think it is useful and anyone will not use it

  6. Miranda says:

    I’d love to see more talk about the creative and funny options with .sucks that no one seems to be touching on! There’s a lot of opportunity for cause marketing or advertising campaigns –,,, ,,, the list goes on andon. We sell .sucks at and while a lot of people are focusing on brand
    protection right now, we hope more people will use the domain in creative and
    fun ways.

  7. Liq Brandon says:

    Thanks for sharing idea.
    Its an investing idea for your business. .Sucks domain now a days not popular, but if you have very good brand then purchasing this kind of domain name. Because after popular of domain name .scusk domain name is may be not available.

  8. marketceria says:

    i think the word “Suck” become the domain is not compatible,,
    for several people, the word means negative thing

  9. preeti says:

    i will surely register .suck domain and it is unique. happy to have

  10. Adrian Pusca says:

    I don’t understand why is necessary .sucks domain ? to protect what ? Another useless extension

  11. Daniel says:

    I guess that at the beginning many people will buy domains with this extensions. In a year or two they will became bored with them.In conclusion, Useless !

  12. Ashley Molly says:

    Its great to have this .sucks domain.

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