New Raspberry Pi Official Case

Raspberry Pi users recently revealed the new Official Raspberry case which is now available for £6 at select retailers. It came several years late and several third part Raspberry Pi covers are already available with sellers.

Raspberry Pi

So what is Raspberry Pi? It is a credit-card sized computer! (though not as small as the Chromebit). A small electronic board that can attach any HDMI monitor/TV, A wifi dongle, a keyboard/mouse and you have a fully functional computer. The small size makes it particularly useful for small electronics projects and running creative computer projects. It uses the Python language … and you can play games, watch movies, open documents and browse the web!

raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi 2 launched a few months back and the new avatar has 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and double the RAM of its predecessor at 1GB, and has found widespread interest in the community.  I am currently experimenting with it and hope to push out some tips soon. You can buy it on for around Rs 3000.

Raspberry Pi Official Case

Every Raspberry Pi owner needs a sturdy case to house the board and prevent damage. Everyone has some type of custom case, and will need to buy one. So this how the Raspberry Pi Official Case looks like

raspberry pi case

This official case is beautifully built and will finally sell out more that other third party variants available in the market. It seems to have sold out with the approved stockists  – RS Electronics, Swag Store, and Element14. I have been using  an unofficial plastic case for some time now, and really look forward to buying the new one.

Get started with the magic of Raspberry Pi. Opt for for the Starter kits (cost around Rs 5000) so you can get quickly started. Many PDF guides are freely available online.

Update: Official Raspberry Pi touchscreen display also available now.

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