Google Chromebit: Smallest Plug-n-Play Computer Under $100

A new computer running Google Chrome OS called Chromebit, is a full computer on a USB sized device. Plug and Play on any display, attach a keyboard and mouse and you have just turned any monitor / TV to running a computer. This is sure to change computing forever.

Google Chromebit

It needs any HDMI compliant display, which is present in most modern monitors and TV screens. Using inbuilt bluetooth, it can connect to the bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Using built in wifi – you can connect to the internet and browse on Chrome, watch Youtube and use the powerful apps on Chrome store. It is the most compact computer you can have.


Google reveals Asus is making the Chromebit and will release it this summer under $100. As I was upgrading my old computer, I bought a new Chromebox, I changed my old laptop to a Chromebook – if this was available then, this would have been my first choice.

Google can push such devices because the Chrome OS is light and caters to basically running the Chrome browsers and all the apps inside it. It would be difficult for companies to design similar devices to run Windows or MacOS. The computer just became smaller and any TV just became display for a USB sized computer … your slim desktop just became more obsolete.

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