Google Chromebit: Smallest Plug-n-Play Computer Under $100

A new computer running Google Chrome OS called Chromebit, is a full computer on a USB sized device. Plug and Play on any display, attach a keyboard and mouse and you have just turned any monitor / TV to running a computer. This is sure to change computing forever.

Google Chromebit

It needs any HDMI compliant display, which is present in most modern monitors and TV screens. Using inbuilt bluetooth, it can connect to the bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Using built in wifi – you can connect to the internet and browse on Chrome, watch Youtube and use the powerful apps on Chrome store. It is the most compact computer you can have.


Google reveals Asus is making the Chromebit and will release it this summer under $100. As I was upgrading my old computer, I bought a new Chromebox, I changed my old laptop to a Chromebook – if this was available then, this would have been my first choice.

Google can push such devices because the Chrome OS is light and caters to basically running the Chrome browsers and all the apps inside it. It would be difficult for companies to design similar devices to run Windows or MacOS. The computer just became smaller and any TV just became display for a USB sized computer … your slim desktop just became more obsolete.


  1. Prime says:

    chrome bit is an excellent and innovative technology
    its just like dream come true, browsing on each device is so simple, the most compact computer in the world.

  2. Pragyan Subedi says:

    Wow. This looks really handy. I didn’t even knew it existed! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. joynahtan says:

    Wow. This appears actually useful. chrome bit is a wonderful and progressive expertise Thanks.

  4. Events Lover says:

    Will buy this soon..But can you tell me exact the Price of this Google chromebit computer and where did I get this?

  5. Prerna says:

    This appears to be a great alternative and the most affordable one. I wish this comes in India soon.

  6. Varun Arora says:

    Excellent. its actually very useful. chrome bit is a wonderful and progressive expertise .

  7. Indo says:

    This is a good example of chrome bit.

  8. Rahul says:

    Wow. This would almost revolutionise the way we look at computers. I never knew such technology existed. Looking forward to it.

  9. Shanaya Robert says:

    Amazing. its very valuable. chrome bit is a grand and dynamic mastery .

  10. kid says:

    Looks really handy. Good News.

  11. Everestebook says:

    This is a good example of chrome bit. I really appreciate your idea on writing ideas for posts, etc. every single day. That’s how you get better at this craft of writing. You have a great topic that a lot of people need to read and hear.

  12. Ricardo Franco Rosa says:

    Just amazing, there really is no limit to human creativity that surely computer has everything to be a tremendous success.

  13. online games says:

    Wow, but i always choose the pc dekstop because is compact for blogger,

  14. Moreno says:

    Thanks for this post and this very good example of Chrome bit.

  15. Vinod says:

    Excellent, now we cary a PC inside our pockets.

  16. Mahesh says:

    chromebit is really wonderful

  17. Rakesh says:

    Looking like cool, I’ll also give it a try when it’s available in in the market!

  18. Gideon says:

    Google chrome bit it sounds good and the advantages of this device are also high…! Thank you for sharing such lovely information…Looking like cool, I’ll also give it a try when it’s available in in the market!

  19. Aakash Bhatia says:

    really helpful thanks . was always a google fan .. will buy it defiantly

  20. Malou Peters says:

    Nice computer. Wondering what the max capability is streaming movies.

  21. Kelsey Price says:

    Google comes through with another winner. A better use of apartment space then the #hashtagkeyboard. Cant wait to get my hands on one!

  22. Ashley Baxter says:

    I’d love to know more about the Chromebits performance!

  23. Peter says:

    Wow, but i always choose the pc dekstop because is compact for blogger

  24. Today Streams says:

    Google is working hard day by day. But, i don’t know why he choosed Asus for this product. I mean, Intel can produce more quality,

  25. Syed Qasim says:

    I would like to test it. Could you please tell me its cost and availability?

  26. Acord says:

    It’s a nice idea. Computer of USB size you have always with you. That’s great but I’d like to see detailed characteristics of this device.

  27. Saint jose says:

    Great, Chromebit is easily carry to any where and computers in our pockets Excellent Google… I want to purchase next month, thank you

  28. Hindu Vivah says:

    Amazing i was totally surprised that these things also have been invented by google and this thing exist. I want this to use it in my day today life.

  29. Humayun kabir says:

    Great News from Google.Thanks

  30. Kutub says:

    Amazing device!
    Hope it can simplify our life better way.
    Many Thanks

  31. Biplob Karmakar says:

    Google Chromebit very interesting device, its looking pretty cool. And easy plug & play as well. Thanks for sharing

  32. Pera says:

    It’s amazing! Awesome device, it’s completely new for me.

  33. Swapnil Jagtap says:

    Google always try to give best of the best facilities for its user. Inventing Chromebit Google has also made the difference of their product in markets.

  34. Tonmoy Parves says:

    Thanks for share the news with us . Yes Google is really always doing the best for her users. Love The Google Thinking.

  35. Wonda Maniscalco says:

    This is Awesome! I did not know there existed something like this, definitely going to try one.

  36. Asianmart says:

    Wonderful blog! I truly love how it’s easy on my eyes as well as the info are well written. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have

    subscribed to your rss feed which need to do the trick! Have a nice day!

  37. MDShahid says:

    I think it’s user friendly. How much cost for this product?

  38. John says:

    I need user friendly and should be quick open in brower and must not be crashed during working session. how much cost for this .

  39. Jerry says:

    Yeh sure i need this browser. how much cost will tell me.

  40. partytentenshop says:

    The Chrome OS has its limitations but for this money, its an absolute steal and I will certainly be purchasing when they arrive here in The Netherlands.

  41. Karan says:

    I would really stick to Chrome OS.Better than ubuntu anyday.I dont understand iOS and windows is not my piece of cake.How do u install this operating system ?

  42. David Claireuite C says:

    quick online tips explain google chromebit. Great, Chromebit is easily carry to any where and computers in our pockets

  43. Cursos Online says:

    Google Chromebit seems to be a good device . I look forward to buying a device .

  44. Roberta says:

    It’s amazing! Awesome device, it’s completely new for me

  45. João says:

    really cool, there is really no limit to human creativity, I’ve never seen this device model before, I’ll see if I can find it here in Brazil

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