Download Facebook Lite: Faster Facebook on Slow Mobile Internet

Now you can download the Facebook lite app for Android which promises a faster Facebook experience in developing countries with slow mobile Internet speeds and expensive data plans. Facebook is an amazing social experience, but slow data speeds can be annoying, Facebook Lite aims to change that…

Facebook Lite

facebook lite app

This Facebook lite app download is lighter under 1 Mb while the original Facebook app for Android takes a huge amount of storage space. Not only is it fast to download, the content is also downloaded faster. It is primarily because it downloads low resolution images, and you can always click them to view in higher resolution. However, Facebook videos are not downloaded and will not run, because they are huge files and will require higher mobile data transfer speeds. It will also consume less memory and will not cause lower end mobile phones from hanging and crashing.

You can download Facebook Lite now at the Google App store.

facebook lite app

I use a 3G data plan, but I think I will find Facebook Lite very useful especially when on an expensive roaming data plan while travelling to other cities or countries.

Cannot download Facebook Lite? It is available right now and rolling out in Asia and will roll out to other regions soon.

Too lite for you? – You can always download the standard full Facebook app and get the full experience anyways.