Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number: 5 Easy Steps

Did you know you can download Cowin certificate by mobile number easily via the Cowin portal. Whichever Covid vaccine you got, downloading vaccination certificate is important as it is widely used for air travel as well as international immigration outside India and is easily available from the Cowin website.

How to get vaccination certificate in India?

Cowin Vaccination Certificate

The Cowin vaccination certificate (India) clearly indicates the vaccination dates as well as the vaccination centre where the vaccination was given. It also indicates which vaccine you got (Covaxin, Covishield, Cobrevax etc), whether you got the first or second dose as well as the precaution / booster dose. The Cowin vaccine certificate will officially indicate if you are fully vaccinated for partially vaccinated. All this information is easily obtained from the Cowin portal or Cowin App.

Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number

1. Visit Cowin Gov Portal

First you need to visit the Cowin website at Then on top right corner, you will see the registration / Sign in button.

If you have already got the vaccination then probably your personal details are already in the Cowin portal as the vaccination centre would have connected your mobile number and your Aadhar card with your vaccination certificate.

cowin registration page

2. Get Mobile OTP for Cowin Login

Since your mobile number is connected with your vaccination status, the Cowin portal will send a one-time password or OTP to your connected mobile number.

cowin registration signin

3. OTP Verification for Cowin Portal Login

The one-time password verification is an important step by which the Cowin Portal identifies your personal details and fetches your vaccination certificate and vaccination details linked to your mobile number.

cowin get otp

4. Download vaccination certificate from Cowin Portal

Click on the Certificate icon beside the vaccine dose. Typically note it will be beside the last vaccine dose which was give. If you have got booster dose then the certificate option will come besides the booster dose.

cowin vaccination certificate

If you click on the certificate drop-down arrow, you get 2 options below –  Vaccination Certificate and International Travel Certificate. Commonly for most purposes, you will need the Vaccination certificate download link as seen below. Click the Download link and the certificate will be downloaded to your computer or mobile phone.

cowin certificate download

You also have an option save the downloaded vaccination certificate PDF to the you Digilocker so that it can be accessed by other government services as well where needed and permission is granted.

Download Cowin Vaccine certificate online today. Keep your vaccination certificate PDF safe on your mobile phone or computer as it is commonly needed now for various travel and examination entry purposes.

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