Alphabet Buys New Super-Long Domain Name

Can you guess which domain name did Alphabet, holding company of Google just buy? Well currently Alphabet company is hosted on the domain name at, but they have now registered as well.

So why not register which sound the most likely which people are to type in their browsers? Well it seems is owned by BMW and they are not willing to sell the prized domain name.

alphabet letters

Will Google use as the primary domain name? Seems unlikely as they have already got a great short domain name which identifies well with their brand. Possibly they wanted to register and block the domain name, lest someone cybersquats the domain. Reports indicate Google already owns thousands of related domain names to protect their brand. BTW someone did manage to barely register the domain name for $12 recently!

Can you buy a .xyz domain name? Sure. Head to which is the domain name registry for the .XYZ domain name system and you can learn more about it. Many popular domain name registrars offer the domain name. is not hosted as of now, and they might possibly redirect the domain, but only time will tell. We also register many domain names to protect our brand. We also got lucky to grab domain name recently.

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