SIM Cutter Can Damage SIM Cards, Reduce Mobile Net Speed!

Does your SIM card cut by SIM Cutter have slow mobile data speeds? Chances are you have never changed your SIM card since you brought it years ago. My SIM card was 6 years old. Then I bought a new mobile phone last year and got my full size SIM card clipped to a Micro SIM Card by a SIM Card cutter. The net speeds continued to be slow.

Then a friend advised in a passing statement how changing his SIM card on his new iPhone improved the mobile internet speeds. So I decided to change my SIM card…

SIM Cutter Cuts SIM Cards

I approached the Airtel customer care center and when I complained about slow mobile internet, the first question they asked even without seeing the handset was – did you get your SIM card clipped by a SIM card cutter!

Of course, I agreed and they said that many times the SIM card chip gets damaged while cutting the SIM card and gets performance issues. Here is what a SIM card cutter looks like and is very popular among mobile sellers.

sim card cutter

They instantly gave me a new SIM card for free. Then you simply send an SMS and the new SIM gets activated in a few hours. It was a 4G SIM card and the chip was well centered, unlike my cut SIM card as you see on the right in the photo. You can see the bottom of the chip is slightly damaged where it is cut.

Cut SIM Card

Faster Mobile Internet with New SIM cards

An additional advantage of changing your SIM card is they have these 4G SIM cards (which means they are more future-proof and will support 4G mobile internet packs (or 5G packs that are going to hit the market) and they have a storage capacity of 128Kb (which means you can now store double the number of contacts etc).

Although the best way to save contacts is by linking to your Google account and syncing your contacts – I never store contacts on SIM ever after I lost all contacts on a stolen phone.

So did changing the SIM Card improve net speed?

Behold … the mobile internet speed increased! So if you have a very old 2G era SIM card that you have cut with a SIM cutter, upgrading to the next generation 4G SIM cards just might increase your mobile internet speed. I recently purchased a new phone that supports 4G. As Airtel is running a free 3G to 4G upgrade promotion, I am getting a 4G connection and speeds due to the new 4G compatible SIM. Try it.

How to test the mobile speed? Use or download their app.

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