My New Mi Band Unboxing [Photos]

I finally bought the Xiaomi Mi Band and got started with my first fitness tracker. I have been trying to buy it online, but it seems to always be sold out or available at exorbitant prices. This time I got it for Rs 999 from the 3 days Flipkart app sale. So it got shipped in a few hours and reached me on the 3rd day. As I open the box, here are the images I share with you.

Mi Band

A small cardboard box, similar to the Redmi I purchased earlier. Mi is nicely printed on top.

Mi band box

A sponge padded box on top. What is the silver object shining through? This is what the actual brain behind the Mi Band fitness tracker is.

Mi band box

Lets have a closer look at the box. The tracker is a nice steely silver in color with fine finish.


Lets see whats inside. An instruction booklet, the black Mi band and the USB charging cable in the small enclosure in front.

mi box open

So I removed all the parts and here is what I got. Note the charging cable is special and does not have a standard MicroUSB like I thought (reminds me not to lose the cable, though they claim a battery life of 30 days+). It is custom made to charge the tracker.

mi band accessories

The tracker tightly fits inside the Mi Band and is ready to use after you have charged it through any USB charger, using this special cable. Three lights on the band light up when all is ready.

mi band

Now I just need to get the Mi Fit App from the Google Play store and connect the app via Bluetooth to my Redmi mobile phone (though it will work on any Android Phone).

In the next post I will share how my fitness regime and sleep tracker is going on with the new Mi Band. Did you buy one?

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