Shake Your Phone to Let Snow Fall on Photos

Just in time for the holidays, if you shake your Android phone, snow fall will happen on your Google+ photos! This unique feature is part of the latest version of the Google+ app which is available for download now on Google Play store.

Auto Awesome Snow

snowfall photos

Last week Google+ had enabled the Auto Awesome Snow feature where if your photo showed snow, they will autoprocess to actually make the snow fall! Now the new Auto Awesome snow feature can make snow fall on any photo (even if it does not have snow) simply by shaking the phone.

Watch the video and see it happen.

Download Google+ for Android and when you shake your mobile phone, snowfall will start on your photos! Happy Holidays!


  1. metz says:

    Nice! That’s going to be cute.

    Google wanted their users to feel the aura of the holiday with this cute snowballs. Some small but sweet treat for customers. Nice video too, I must say!

  2. Vikas Blogger says:

    nice one buddy!!! :)

  3. Hardy says:

    Cooooll.. I will give it a try. Thanks for the post..

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