Jio Phone: 10 Reasons to Buy

Why should you buy a Reliance Jio phone? It was launched in the year 2017, which changed the dynamics of the phone market. With the arrival of these Jio mobile phones, the entire shipments of mobile phones had grown rapidly with the need for feature phones increasing.

The price-sensitive Indian consumer lapped up the cheap mobile phone which promised smartphone features within reach of every Indian. The sales of feature mobile phones increased for the first time in several years after the Jio launch, previously controlled by Nokia Feature Phones.

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So what makes the Jio Phone so appealing to buy, notwithstanding the cheap price.

1. Feature Mobile Phone with Smart Abilities

Reliance jio phone might seem to be like ordinary feature phones but inside it brings the goodness of smart abilities you would like to have

  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G VoLTE Support
  • WhatsApp &
  • Facebook

Yes, you may not enjoy the advantages of apps as in smartphones but still, it is a great deal to operate WhatsApp & Facebook on feature mobile phones.

2. Value Jio Phone Recharge Voice/Data Plans

If you want a phone with the abilities of smartphones on a low budget then definitely Reliance jio phone is a smart choice. It’s the best budget phone out there.

Speaking about the price of the Jio Phone from Reliance, it began with the lowest price of Rs. 1500 (although there have been a different set of phones at varied price range) and the plans are also much cheaper. It cheaper than the Yphone toy phone!

The plan began at the lowest price of Rs.49 at that time but today has increased up to Rs. 75. There are even exclusive Jio Phone recharge plans, starting at 799, 1-year plan with unlimited voice calls. The best deal is for 1999, with Jio Phone and 2-year unlimited voice calls. What is the Jio Phone price –  its free in the plan.

jio phone plans

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3. Enjoy HD Voice Calls

Believe it or not but you can enjoy calls for long hours with NO call drop. Reliance jio phone comes with inbuilt HD Voice quality… is clearly understood that you can enjoy making calls from the phone.

Being HD voice quality, you can hear what the other person says and respond immediately. What else can you expect from a feature phone than this!

4. Wi-Fi Hotspot Support

Are you looking for a phone to support Hotspot?

Yes, the Reliance jio phone comes with the awesome feature of Hotspot support which you can use for emergency purposes.

All you have to do are

  • Go to the Settings first
  • Then get into Internet Sharing
  • Then open the Network and Connectivity Option
  • Finally, get into the Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity

From there you get the option to change the name of the Wi-Fi and the Password being on the same window. This will get the Hotspot activated for other devices during emergencies.

5. Compact Jio Phone Design

The Reliance jio phone is manufactured in a compact design for you to carry it wherever you go.

In this compact designed phone, you can enjoy some great features (already mentioned above). Just imagine getting all the features of a smartphone set in this feature mobile phone.

Although the feature phone comes with a QVGA 2.4 in TFT screen (320×240) yet you can all the things very clearly. Be it your

  • Contacts
  • Apps
  • Other Options from Menu etc.

And the Alphanumeric Keypad gives you the feel of learning English Alphabets and Digits in a new and unique way…….I am sure you will love to have the phone in your hand.

Additionally, it comes with a separate space for an SD card slot and a point wherein you can insert the headphone jack and tune into FM Radio or make and receive calls without a problem.

6. OTA Helps in Software Installation

OTA feature helps the Reliance jio phone to download and install the software updates. This is another key reason the phone is preferred by several people.

From the beginning, the phone has got many updates from the OTA and you can expect to be much much better with time.

7. Free Voice Calls on Jio Phone

Another advantage you can enjoy with the Reliance jio phone is making voice calls from Jio to all other networks for free.

Just imagine paying a very low amount of Rs. 75/- every month, you can enjoy voice calls for free and unlimited data at the same time.

Don’t you think it is a wise idea to have such a phone at home?

9. Best Entertainment Features

Whenever you want to enjoy some music, just

  • Open the Menu Option
  • Search in the different Options
  • Find the FM Radio
  • Turn On (it will scan all the FM Stations and then set the channels one by one)

Either you can tune into the FM Radio through the headphone jack or you can listen to the different music stations on an inbuilt speaker. FM radio without headphones!!

Apart from this, you can enjoy other entertainment features from the Reliance jio phone such as

  • HD Music
  • Live TV &
  • Watching Movies etc.

What else you can expect to have! Jio Apps!

9. Jio Phone Camera: Click Some Pics

Reliance jio phone can click pictures and upload on WhatsApp Status and Facebook for instant Likes and Comments.

With 0.3MP Rear and Front cameras respectively, you can either click your selfies or some other beautiful pictures that you want to capture on your camera.

You can also use the camera to click important pictures of your notes and share them with your friends personally or in the WhatsApp Group (specifically very much needed in this pandemic situation).

10. Other Features

Let us take a look at some other important features of the Reliance jio phone.

  • It comes with 1500 mAh Battery power that allows you overall talk time up to 9 hours which means you can charge once every day or on alternative days based upon your requirement. I am not sure about its SAR value.
  • A small torchlight on the top (near to the point of the headphone jack) helps you to view things during a power cut or other emergencies.
  • It comes with a 4-Way Navigation to help you access the options quickly and easily
  • A bunch of Ringtones for you to choose the best
  • 18 regional languages support
  • Project on big TV screen with Jiocable
  • Enjoy a whole range of JioApps

In the end, I can only say this is not only good for seniors but a great way to keep your child entertained all the way.

Looking at all the awesome features and prices of this feature phone, it is understood why it has become popular within a short period. You can book it on the Jio website.

New Jio Phone

You can choose the Jio Phone 2 for Rs 1000 more, and get more advanced feature phone capabilities and more powerful data recharge plans.

I am also eager to check the upcoming Jio Phone 3 which combines style and functionality altogether. The  Jio 5G phone is expected to be sleek, stylish, and lightweight and is available in variant color options. Stay tuned for more information Jio Phone 3 booking information!

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