Jio Phone 2 Review

Here is a full review of the Jio Phone 2 in 2021 and a comparison with the Jio Phone. When we talk about Jio, people will always recall the strong network provided by the company and giving the users a chance to experience fast 4G speed at the cheapest price.

But Jio is also famous for a lot of things.  It has stepped into the smartphone industry by manufacturing phones with amazing features. The best part of Jio phones is that you will get advanced and unique features at an affordable rate when compared to the other smartphones. We have come across several Jio phones, but here we are going to discuss the JioPhone 2.

jio phone 2

Jio Phone 2 Review

The Jio Phone 2 was introduced in July 2018 and it comes with a lot of interesting features that attract mobile users. The design of the phone, SIM card slots, battery, keypad features, camera, and a lot of other features are there to consider in this cheap mobile phone.

When compared to the Jio Phone, the Jio Phone 2 is an upgraded version and it has a lot of other features which have not been seen in the Jio phone. Even we can call it a technologically advanced phone available at the cheapest rate. Let us discuss the features and specifications of Jio phone 2 and check whether it is a good idea to spend money on Jio phone 2.

Why do you need to consider this Jio Mobile?

There are lots of reasons to consider Jio Phone 2 in your list, but here are the best reasons that every user should know;

  • Mostly, in India, all the places will have a 4G network and it offers superior services in the 4G network
  • The phone offers HD 4G voice services so the voice will be crystal clear leading to effective communication
  • The free voice calls will be free not only for Jio networks but also to the other networks
  • You can enjoy unlimited data throughout the day!
  • Offers wide coverage
  • It offers the fastest speed to the 4G network
  • Offers best entertainment services
  • You can get access to all your favorite Jio apps

Jio Phone 2 Specifications

1. Design

The design is simple and elegant, and the body is mostly made of plastic that offers additional grip. The attractive part of the phone is that you will get a blackberry curvy feel.

2. Display

When we talk about mobile display, the size of the screen is 2.4 inches QVGA display TFT screen, but you will not get the touchscreen option as it comes with the keypad. When compared to the Jio phone, this Jio Phone 2 will offer better viewing from any angle.

3. Battery

The Jio Phone 2 offers a 2000mAH battery that is removable. The life of the battery will be depending on your use. If you switch on the data and make calls throughout the day, still the battery will last for a whole day.

4. OS

The operating system of the Jio Phone 2 is KAI OS and this is one of the main reasons behind this Jio smartphone that offers unique and advanced features. This is a toned-down operating system that brings all the functionalities of the 4G phones.

5. Storage

The RAM of the Jio mobile is 512MB and in terms of storage, the internal storage is 4GB. The external storage comes in the form of an SD card and the storage can be expandable up to 128GB.

6. Camera

You will get both front and rear cameras. The rear camera offers 2-megapixel and the front camera offers 0.3 megapixels. If you want to see more camera options then you need to press the Jio button. This is better than the 0.3 MP rear camera on the original Jio Phone. To get better cameras, see the best camera phone under 15000.

7. Audio

If you are tired of the keypad option, then Google Assistant will help you. The phone supports both English and Hindi language. The audio has a loud mono speaker that is located at the back of the phone.

8. Keypad

The keypad is the most notable feature of the Jio Phone 2, and this is one of the upgraded features which is not available in the Jio Phone. The keypad of the mobile comes with QWERTY that offers a user-friendly feature. It offers high comfort as you can easily type using the key buttons.

9. Connectivity

The Jio Phone 2 offers various connectivity options such as the dual SIM card. The SIM locked in slot 1 has access to 4G speed but the SIM locked in slot 2 has access only to 2G speeds. Also, the phone supports both Wi-Fi and NFC.

10. Other features

Other than the above-mentioned features, it offers other best things like access to various Jio entertainment applications, quick charging, apps that you use most, Jio wallet, and other cool features.

Jio Phone 2 Price

Now, looking at the features everyone will think that the price of the Jio Phone 2 will be higher. But it is not, as the price is very low when compared to the other smartphones of similar features. Most people can afford the Jio Phone 2 as it comes at Rs. 2999 only! Here are cheaper Flipkart mobile phones.

You can buy Jio Phone 2  online and it is also available on Flipkart and Amazon, though it is better to directly buy from the Jio Stores as they will give bundled recharge plan with the phone as a better deal.

Jio Recharge Plans

Not only the features of the phone will surprise you, but also the plans offered by Jio will also shock you. Jio offers three combo plans for the prepaid recharge users which are –

  1. 49 prepaid recharge plan for 28 days offering 1GB of total data
  2. 99 prepaid recharge plan for 28 days offering 500MB of high-speed daily data
  3. 153 prepaid recharge plan for 28 days offering 42GB of total data

Enjoy any one of the plans for your Jio mobile.

Bottom Line:  Order Jio Phone 2, as it is one of the best smartphones for those who want to get smartphone features at the cheapest price. Look out for Jio Phone 3 coming soon and Jio Phone 2 flash sale may be on soon.

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