5 Best Table Lamps on Ikea India Online

Everyone needs a good table lamp for study and IKEA India online store can deliver amazing table lamps to enhance your tabletop ambiance while providing ambient lighting for reading and study purposes.

Right now IKEA India online store does not deliver to large parts of the country. You can directly buy from the IKEA Hyderabad or IKEA Navi Mumbai stores as it sells products online to a very limited number of pin codes across India. You can visit the IKEA India website and enter your pin code to see if you can buy these table lamps online in India.

5 Best Table Lamps

Here are the five best table lamps I found at IKEA India online which you can try. I have chosen different types of table lamps with different use case scenarios. There are many more there which you can look out for. The table lamp price is variable and you can check the website. They look much better than Philips table lamps.

1. Ikea Forsa Table Lamp

ikea forsa table lamp

This study table lamp I particularly like because it is nickel-plated and has that classic design which we all love. The lamp can be positioned to the desired height and angle using the positioning knob for the needed light.

The use of springs ensures sturdiness and multiple joints ensure easy positioning of the reading light. It has a bright light and is wired. Bulb separate buy and Ikea recommends LED bulb E14 chandelier opal white.

2. Ikea Tertial Table Lamp

ikea tertial table lamp

I like this classic table lamp for study as it can be easily fixed onto your table edge and again has a lovely pastel blue color which will look great on your table. The fact that it does not have a fixed base means that it will not occupy any useful table space and can be placed on any edge of the table by just tightening it.

Again it has springs and multiple joints that easily allow you to position the lamp to your desired height and direction for optimal lighting of your table. Light bulb is sold separately and they recommend LED bulb E27 globe opal white.

3. Ikea Harte LED  Lamp

ikea harte led lamp

This slim and sleek table lamp is designed elegantly with a unique form factor and beautiful design. Note it is not flexible and the shape is fixed. It features a bright LED light and will provide good lighting to your desktop. A separate bulb need not be used as the LED light is built-in.

It is available in various colors of red, black, and orange as well besides the classic white color for which IKEA is famous. It might not provide as bright light as other lamps wherein you can increase the bulb power and increase the lighting for your tabletop.

4. Ikea Navlinge Table Lamp

ikea navlinge spot table lamp

This is another LED table lamp that will provide a spotlight to the area where you want to point it to. It has a partly flexible positioning system so that you can easily alter the direction of the table lamp whichever way you need. In addition, it has a universal screw attachment so that it can be easily attached to your tableside edge all your bookshelf or even be used as a table lamp for the bedroom.

It will provide an excellent illumination to your area of interest which might be useful for product photography, reading, or illuminating a particular area of interest in general. Again the LED light is fixed and you need not buy an additional bulb with the table lamp.

5. Ikea Navlinge Mini Clamp Lamp

ikea mini clamp lamp

This is an LED clamp spotlight table lamp that can be attached to almost anything on your table and does not need the table edge like a few other lamps shown above. You can stick this table lamp to the top of your monitor, with your mics boom stand, or for a bookshelf on the side of the table. The possibilities are endless.

It also features a flexible stand, which can be rotated and twisted in almost any direction. The clamp will likely hold on to any surface and can be easily moved around. This also does not require an additional bulb to be purchased.

I really do wish they expand to allow Ikea online shopping all across India soon!

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