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Did you know that the WhatsApp One View option now allows you to send photos and videos with a single view option for added privacy. This feature is available in the updated version of Whatsapp on your device.

It allows WhatsApp photos or videos to be viewed only once they are sent with this option. This is a new feature of WhatsApp that many users don’t know or use. It is useful to secure the privacy of your shared photos or videos.

How is Whatsapp One View Photo Different?

whatsapp message recieved

With this feature, you can only send photos or videos with media that can be seen only once and is sent to trusted individuals. The receiver views the media once, then it gets deleted automatically!

Before sending the attached media, you have to click on the one-view timer icon on the right side of the message bar to enable this feature.

How is the One View Feature useful?

I use this feature to share my personal photos and videos with my friends. This is the media that I don’t want them to save, forward, or share further with anyone. This keeps the privacy of my media.

The photos or videos which you don’t want them to save on the device can be shared using this feature. This also avoids the clutter in the phone’s media gallery.

How to Send Photos with Single View Option on Whatsapp

Select the photo/ video you wish to share. Once you click to upload, a small number (1) icon appears on the right side of the message bar.

whatsapp once view option

Then tap on the number (1) icon in the circle, and a pop-up will alert that “Photo Set to View Once“. Now press the send button. This media is shared with the view-only once option to the receiver.

In the example below, I have sent 3 messages with the One-View option. You can also see what a normal message and a deleted message looks like. The photo message with One-view shows the (1) in a circle, making it different from the normal WhatsApp photo messages.

whatsapp one view message

There are multiple options available when you right-click the down arrow. You can reply or delete the message or can get the message info like time etc.

delete-whatsapp one view message

Disappearing Whatsapp Photos and Videos

When you open the message enabled with this feature, a number icon will appear on the top right corner. Click on it and you will know that this message can be viewed only once and will disappear on closing.

When the recipient opens the image once, the WhatsApp photo or video will show. Once closed, the photo or video will not be available to view again, keeping the privacy of the sender.

The opened WhatsApp message shows an empty circle without the number (1), as it has disappeared from the phone. The unopened message shows the circle with the number (1), which is still available to view once only.

opened one view message

Note- You should share media with this feature with a trusted person only. They can still take a screenshot of this or click a photo to save this media.

Whatsapp View Once Feature FAQ

Q. Do these messages get saved?
A. These messages will be viewed only once and will not get saved in the photo gallery of the recipient. However, the recipient can take a screenshot of the message to save. Chat backup will save it as well till it is not opened. This will also work on Whatsapp Web interface.

Q. Can we share these sent or received messages with others?
A. Once sent or received the message with this feature enabled, you can’t save, forward, star, or share photos or videos.

Q. How will we know that the receiver has seen the media?
A. Once the receiver views the media, the message will show the Opened, like the image posted above.

Q. What happens to the message if we don’t open it?
A. If you don’t open the message, it will stay in the chat of WhatsApp for the next 14 days, after which it will expire automatically from the chat.

Q. Is it a permanent feature of WhatsApp?
A. This feature cannot be enabled permanently. You have to select the view once feature every time you send a photo or video.

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