WhatsApp Web Logout in 1 Click: Disconnect Whatsapp Easily

How can you log out of WhatsApp Web easily? My friend wanted to disconnect Whatsapp web but found it difficult, so this is the simple tip below. Whatsapp Web (or WebWhatsApp) is a very popular way to browse Whatsapp on your computer or laptop screen.

While using Whatsapp on android and iOS on mobile phones is the best way to stay connected with your friends and family on the go, I feel it is most productive to use Whatsapp web to actually get work done.

How to log out from WhatsApp web?

The moment I sit on my desktop computer I do a Whatsapp web login using the QR code which is provided and once I scan the code with my Whatsapp app I am able to immediately log in.

Whenever I use a public computer, it is not a good idea to log into Whatsapp web as you might leave your Whatsapp logged in and it might be misused by other people as they see my Whatsapp activity.

How long does WhatsApp web stay logged in? Whatsapp web will stay logged in until you log out!

Disconnect Whatsapp web

How to log out from WhatsApp web? It’s so simple you would have wondered why you did not find it yourself.

First, you click on the three dots icon which you see on the left side beside your name (marked by the red arrow), and then from the drop-down options, you can choose the Logout Whatsapp web option.

whatsapp web logout

That’s it! It is not much to do and it will log out of Whatsapp web.

Important Note:  Please note that this will not log you out of the Whatsapp app on your mobile phone. It will also not log out of Whatsapp web if you are logged in on multiple computers. It will only log out Whatsapp web on the computer on which you decide to click the logout option.

So stay safe and log out of Whatsapp web if you do not want to stay logged in to that computer as it will automatically login the next time the browser opens and anyone searches for the URL. You can also try the new feature of Whatsapp One View images and videos for added privacy.

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