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Giant QR Code on Facebook Office Roof

Facebook employees painted a giant 42 foot giant QR code on the Facebook Office roof so that it is visible from space, appears on Google maps and can be scanned by QR code readers to visit target facebook sites on mobile smartphones. QR codes are getting popular and everyday people are finding new unique ways to get visitors to their site.

Facebook QR code

facebook qr code

It was part of the “Space Hackathon” called by Mark Zuckerberg at the  new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. As Facebook staff eagerly climbed on the roof and painted the QR code, they chose a short url so that the QR code could be made simpler and easily scannable even is smaller sizes when viewable on maps!

Spend a little time and see if you can spot it on this aerial map?

Facebook aerial map

Kind of reminds me of similar attempts to create large billboards of Eva Longoria by Maxim and huge KFC logos!


  1. Rushfit says:

    How will I get onto that roof and take a picture of it?!

  2. Asad says:

    I simply must tell you that you have written an excellent and unique article that I really enjoyed reading. I’m fascinated by how well you laid out your material and presented your views.

  3. MaxKovat says:

    @Asad LOL?! Are you sure you left the comment on the right page? :D

    And this mark is an awesome idea! I have a favorite phrase and now I’m looking forward painting it on a large roof so that even aliens can see it :)

  4. Johnny Wirjosandjojo says:

    Haha.. that’s facebook guys is awesome… what a creativity

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