Buy Cheaper Microsoft Office 365 Personal at $7/mo

Microsoft has launched a much cheaper version called Microsoft Office 365 Personal Edition that costs just $6.99/month on subscription and $69.99 for a year.

After launching the much hyped free Office for iPad, users realized it only allowed read access to these files, and they needed to buy an Office 365 subscription to edit or create Office files like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  The then lowest available Office Home 365 subscription offered packages at $9.99 monthly ($99.99 annually) for a set of 5 PC/Mac and 5 tablets.

It was strange that you could not buy subscription for a single iPad or Mac if you owned one!

Microsoft Office 365 Personal

But with the introduction of the Personal plan, Microsoft Office 365 can be purchased for One PC/Mac and one tablet. It costs $69.99 USD/year or $6.99 USD/month and you can buy it online right now online at

office365 personal

In India, the site redirects to the Indian currency and the Office 365 is being offered for INR 330 per month or Rs 3299 for an annual subscription with 16% discount.

Its great that Microsoft introduced this plan which made much more sense and is bound to get many  more subscriptions for the lower price and those interested in trying it out – though power users with multiple computers/tablets might still find the higher Home software version more value for money.

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