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Download Google Camera App to Defocus Background

Want to blur and defocus background in photos? Download Google Camera app, a new standalone Android app that enhances the power of your Android smartphone. This smart background blur photo technique is a craze and it seems everyone wants to use it. Google Camera just made it possible for everyone.

Lens Blur and Defocus Background

Lets see this example photo to see how lens blur can make the subject pop out of the blurred background.

Lens Blur

I always wanted to do this from my smartphone camera, but till now it seems difficult to do without a SLR camera or with professional image editing software. Lens Blur allows for great SLR-like photos with shallow depth of field.

Google Camera takes the same smartphone camera, but allows post image processing. So by simply tapping the subject, you can make them stand out. By moving the depth-of-field slider, you can simulate different aperture sizes and achieve amazing bokeh effects like tilt shifting also!

Download Google Camera

The Google Camera app can be downloaded from the Play Store for free!

While I love the new lens blur feature, it can also do amazing Photo Spheres with 360º views and high resolution Panorama imaging. A must have app for photo enthusiasts.


  1. Kristina Roy says:

    Now a day’s every one want save time and gets result fast. As you suggest us Google Camera App are Really Nice and Helpful to all. Thanks to share such useful information. I am going to follow this useful App.

  2. sablist says:

    I like it
    very nice

  3. Maria Kirova says:

    hey, thanks for telling us about this app. looking nice features…. just installing… adding my review later here… in my words.

  4. Jordan Mike says:

    Thanks for the great post Courtney! I’ve been using Pinterest to promote my business and I’m happy to say that it helps tremendously.

  5. Rohitesh Bhan says:

    Nice app.. Tried on Note3 updated to latest software… but not working on note 2 will wait for new update for this …. hope samsung will update note 2 to kitkat as well..

  6. Suman singh says:

    Thanks a lot for nice post and share latest news with internet user. this is really amazing apps for smartphone users.

  7. worldfree4u says:

    Thanks a lot for giving the important information about smartphone app ..this app really useful for smartphone users .

  8. Ravikant says:

    nice article this update is very helpful because of panorama mode also give like iphone

  9. Majalah says:

    Too bad, my note 8 can not installed Google Camera, since it need kitkat. Dear, samsung when you give kitkat update to my note 8

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