Sell Old iPads to Microsoft for $200!

Want to sell old iPads? Microsoft is offering $200 to buy your old iPad and trade it for gift certificates to encourage you to buy the new Microsoft Surface tablets or other Microsoft gadgets from the Microsoft Stores.

Microsoft iPad Deal

microsoft buys ipad

Which iPads will Microsoft buy? They will buy any Apple iPad 2, 3, or 4. It should be ‘gently used’, have a power cord and not be password protected.

Can you get more that $200 for your iPad? The deal says you get a minimum $200 gift card. So they might value your iPad for a higher value depending in version and condition.

Will Microsoft offer $200 cash on buyback? Microsoft will offer a $200 gift card

Where is the deal on offer? The deal is available on select Microsoft retail stores in US and Canada. Offer not valid on online Microsoft Store.

Can you trade-in 3 old iPads? No. There is a limit of one iPad exchange per customer.

Till when is the offer valid? The offer which started on September 5, 2013 is expected to close on October 27, 2013.

Do you need to buy a Surface tablet? You can use the gift card to trade in the $200 for any Microsoft gadget at Microsoft stores. But the deal is mainly target to replace your old iPad with the new Surface RT tablet.

So what is Microsoft Surface? –  Surface is available as 2 gadgets – Surface RT  is the Microsoft tablet costing $349 that comes preloaded with free touch-enabled Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Surface Pro is a higher version at $799, which is basically a laptop in tablet form that runs all your favorite Windows desktop programs. So a $200+ coupon is a great deal to by the Surface RT.

iPad vs Surface RT

In fact Microsoft has set up a page to compare iPad with Surface.

Also see this comparison video between ipad and Surface RT.

Will you ditch your old iPad for a brand new Microsoft Surface RT tablet for $200?

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