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Top Articles of 2015

2015 best posts

Here are the best QOT articles which readers loved to read in 2015 on our site. Check out what you like and stay surprised as we will keep posting new…

The $5 Computer: Raspberry Pi Zero

Recently Raspberry Pi launched their latest computer called Raspberry Pi Zero, a 5$ computer which promises to change the way even Raspberry devices are used. It is possibly the cheapest computer hardware…

5 Easy Steps for Better Domain Name Security

Securing your domain name is very essential. Don’t let someone steal and transfer your domain name without your knowledge. You will be surprised how many people are complaining of stolen…

First Amazon Book Store Opens in Seattle!

Amazon has actually opened a physical book store in University Village, Seattle where book lovers can hold, read and buy books the usual way without logging into the Amazon website….

Sammy Buys Google.com Domain Name for $12

Google.com  domain name was purchased by Sammy Ved for a mere $12, though the joy lasted for few minutes as the system recognized the problem and cancelled the sale, refunding…

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