I Asked ChatGPT How to Get Better Answers From It

How can you get better answers from ChatGPT, the new AI chatbot online that is wowing everyone with its exceptional conversational style answers and might soon be your go-to site to search for answers and replies instead of searching on Google for search results?

I have been playing the chat game with ChatGPT for many weeks now and have been really impressed with the kind of answers it generates. However, many times answers are not as accurate or ideal as I would like them to be… so I asked ChatGPT itself how I can ask better questions to get better results!

Here are some tips for getting the best results when using ChatGPT for conversational AI:


1. Clear specific prompts to ChatGPT

The more specific your prompts are, ChatGPT will provide more accurate answers to your queries. This is true for the AI image generators as well, as the more detailed the query, the better and more focussed the answer will be.

For example, instead of asking “What is the weather today?”, ask “What is the weather in San Francisco today?”

The secret sauce behind ChatGTP is to have creative prompts and test what works best for you.  ChatGPT AI chatbot will generate answers to a wide range of prompts and questions. You can use it to generate text for chatbots, and personal assistants, or even generate content for social media!

2. Proper language and tone

Always be mindful of the language and context you use when providing prompts, as it can impact the tone and content of the model’s responses.

Since ChatGTP is conversational AI, a lot of the response type will depend on the tone and question style. So stick to the tone in which you expect a reply. Don’t spam with adult queries as all will be saved in your search folder in the sidebar.

I used to voice type blog post using Google Docs AI to correct the text, but now ChatGPT gives such neat grammar-checked replies, that it is a great blogging tool for free content generation instead of asking for guest posts.

3. Patience and No Spam

ChatGPT is fast … and waiting a few seconds is reasonable to enable it to analyze the vast amount of data, apply AI and output the data to your best needs. The more complex the query, the more time is expected. if you get the premium version of ChatGPT plus, then faster response times can be expected.

Give it some time to generate a new answer before providing additional prompts and pushing the system to speed the responses and activating spam filters, which might block further queries. Remember it is in free preview and millions of users are testing and the model is learning… don’t spam it.

4. Fine-tune ChatGTP Answers with context from previous prompts

You can fine-tune the ChatGPT response with your own data set of text! This will again stimulate the Chat AI model to generate responses that are more relevant to your requirements. Keep making it more contextual and natural.

Remember this is conversational AI, so using context from previous prompts is essential and very useful for ChatGTP to understand your query and build on it. As you continue to provide more contextual information in the chart conversation, the ChatGPT AI model will improve and give better responses.

Make it like a natural conversation as talking to the chatbot and not just searching for queries.

5. ChatGPT temperature parameter

Advanced tip – The temperature parameter can be used to influence the randomness of the model’s outputs. Lowering the temperature will make the model’s responses more conservative while raising the temperature will make them more creative.

You will need to access the model’s configuration settings and adjust the temperature value. A good point to get started if you are more interested in this is the Hugging Face transformers library, a popular library for working with pre-trained language models like ChatGPT.

6. ChatGPT Sampling Variations

Advanced tip – Use Beam Search, Top K sampling, and top P sampling as these techniques can be used to get more coherent and diverse responses from the model.

If this all sounds greek to you, you can read more about these NLP decoding methods for language models and how models like Top-p sampling, top-K sampling, greedy search, and beam search can produce more fluent text outcomes.

I hope this is helpful in getting more useful responses from Chat GPT the next time you converse with it! Those using AI generated content for free content generation must be aware that AI detection is easy and not foolproof.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.