ChatGPT Plus: Premium ChatGPT Pro Version Available

ChatGPT plus is the premium ChatGPT Pro version of the popular AI chatbot that is available now in the paid version. ChatGPT has taken the Internet by storm with its amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence. While many expected ChatGPT pro to be named the professional paid version of the AI tool, OpenAI named the Premium chatbot Pro as ChatGPT plus.

ChatGPT Plus Features

The premium ChatGPT plus version promises some excellent features that are worth paying for.

chatgpt plus: pro verison

1. Better ChatGPT access

It means that access to the ChatGPT pro version will be available even during peak times when a large number of people are accessing the service. You will not get ChatGPT downtime or ChatGPT outages. That seems worth paying for itself if you are using the ChatGPT to do research, run the software, and even create stock market algorithms to make an unbelievable amount of money in the stock market.

2. Faster ChatGPT response time

I am sure that your patience has been tested by the slow typing speed of the ChatGPT bot. Initially, I thought it was thinking out the answer after analyzing the vast database and then typing it out. But apparently, if you have a ChatGPT plus subscription, then the ChatGPT premium version will have more access to resources which means it will analyze the data faster and on priority, and give you a faster response.

If you are utilizing ChatGPT pro for professional purposes to run critical services which need quick analysis an output then this can help you out a lot. Of course here is how you can get better ChatGPT answers – we asked from ChatGPT itself!

3. Early access to new ChatGPT features

We are all aware that ChatGPT is a work in progress and is barely a few months old as far as public release is concerned. A lot of changes and improvements are happening every day to the ChatGPT model.

If you see the AI-generated art software, dramatic movements are happening every day to the quality of images generated by AI. Since ChatGPT is being used worldwide and a lack of pace and even Bing has incorporated it into search results, this is going to be big.

Someone went ahead and compared ChatGPT vs ChatGPT plus head-to-head in this video.

ChatGPT Versions

Did you know there are 2 versions that ChatGPT users can choose via dropdown right now

  • Standard ChatGPT model is the default setting

  • Turbo ChatGPT is optimized for speed

The previous users of the ChatGPT Turbo version, which was optimized for speed, are now being moved to ChatGPT plus.

ChatGPT Pro Pricing & Availability

ChatGPT plus will be available to selected users for a price of $20 per month.

They started trials of the ChatGPT premium version in the US and will be rapidly sending out invitations depending on the capacity available to other regions and countries.

Meanwhile, they have created a wait list where you can register and keep your fingers crossed to get access to the ChatGPT pro. It will be interesting to know how people will use ChatGPT plus for work, entertainment education, etc.


A lot of fun stuff can be done with the ChatGPT API, and it is a powerful tool that will actually unleash its utility among developers and the Tech community at large.

The ChatGPT API is also currently not available on an open basis and they have again created a waitlist where developers can fill in the details and wait to gain access to the power of ChatGPT plus API.

As expected people may use ChatGPT API models to build new products, or integrate into existing products. It might find incredible use in a academic research as well as the exploration of different capabilities in the future.

Free ChatGPT

They have informed that they will continue to provide free access to ChatGPT for now. ChatGPT free version is still available although it keeps on getting outages and is mostly not available if you want to use it. But paid access will support finances and make it available for free with better access hopefully. But I will keep using free ChatGPT access and try to utilize the abilities of the AI conversational model for my use.

Be careful about using ChatGPT for rapid content generation, boosting affiliate income, and pushing SEO traffic, as there are several ChatGPT detectors, and Google frowns upon automatically generated content and recently; updated the EEAT guidelines with extra marks for the experience. If you are going to utilize ChatGPT Plus for professional purposes, then dollar $20 per month does not seem to be too expensive.

What are you using ChatGPT for?

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