5 Best Free AI Detector Tools

AI detector tools are becoming popular as AI-generated content is being pushed across the web, as well as in academic papers. Earlier detecting plagiarism was a concern, but now AI-generated content is becoming a growing concern in many areas where original human-written content is expected.

AI content detection tools and algorithms are now being used by many search engines to detect AI content generated by artificial intelligence so it can be differentiated from manually written content especially since the new EEAT Google guidelines lay more emphasis on the experience of writers, so there is a possibility that overuse of automated content can be penalized by Google.

This post highlights that there are so many free AI detector tools now available to detect AI content online. Users can find AI-generated content for free easily as content is being rapidly being pushed out by AI content writing tools like ChatGPT.

GPT Zero

gpt zero ai detector
GPTZero claims to be the world’s #1 AI Detector with over 1 million users! Simply input some text into GPT Zero and it will analyze the content and inform if it is human or AI-generated.

A notable advantage of the AI detector is that you can also choose to upload a PDF or DOC and therefore it lets you check a large amount of text for automated writing.

Sapling AI Content Detector

fake ai detection tool

Sapling AI Content Detector can detect AI-generated text easily. It can detect AI-written content by ChatGPT and inform how much percent of content is fake.

Rather than just give a score, it will highlight exactly which part of the paragraph or which sentences appeared to be AI-written content.

OpenAI AI Text Classifier

openai text classifier

AI Text Classifier is a tool developed by OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT. The AI detection tool predicts how likely the text was generated by AI and tests many sources like ChatGPT. The ChatGPT login will work here seamlessly.

You need to enter a minimum of 1,000 characters to get started. They have a disclaimer that they can get the output wrong on text written by children and non-English text.

Writer AI Content Detector

writer ai detector

This AI content detector by Writer is a good tool to detect AI content. However, unlike other tools, its available in the Writer app as an API. Moreover, it is limited use and will checks only 1,500 characters in a go.

HuggingFace GPT Output Detector

huggingface GPT detector

GPT-2 output detector by HuggingFace allows you to enter some text and predicted the probability that it is generated by the older version of ChatGPT 2 (Note that this is the older version and you can get the latest ChatGPT4 by getting a paid ChatGPT plus subscription.

AI Detector Limitations

AI detector tools have their own limitations and are not hundred percent accurate in detecting AI-generated content. As AI content writing tools get smarter, and develop a more natural human style of writing, AI content detection might become more difficult with time.

Many tools have limited resources and only allow a particular number of words to be tested or require login to restrict the number of users and prevent bots from gaming this, and many have paid versions that will enable more automated queries and analyze higher numbers of queries easily.

Since these models are mostly trained in English, it is very possible that non-English text will be wrongly interpreted. Moreover, many tools will require 500-1000 words minimum to correctly assess the content for AI writing. Many people are now using these AI detectors to keep editing the AI-written text and retesting it till it appears more human-written!

AI generated art is another popular buzz area and AI art detection tools may be out next.

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