How to Download Bing Homepage Wallpapers Daily

Now Bing allows users to download Bing homepage wallpapers for free. Bing is popular for the amazing quality of images that display on their homepage daily. There is a whole community which eagerly awaits the new Bing wallpaper daily.

We have been using Bing Desktop software for several months to automatically download and set new Bing homepage images as desktop wallpapers on our computer daily. Sometimes I prefer not to use the wallpaper as it fails to meet my choice of images. I would prefer to download selected images from the Bing Homepage only. Bing previously never allowed free download of these images to set wallpapers.

It seems Bing realized that the Bing wallpapers were so popular (because exceptional research and team work went in choosing them), and if you want people to visit the Bing  homepage everyday (and set it as the default home page), then offer the image as a free wallpaper. Moreover, to avoid spambot, it is only allowed for connected Facebook users.

How to Download Bing Wallpapers

When I checked the Bing Homepage, there was no option to download the images!

Change Your Country –  I realized (similar to Bing safe search settings), that I needed to change my country setting. Click on the Settings gear icon on the top right > Location > change your country/region > Choose United States – English.

change Bing location

This sets your country as United States and now the download icon should be visible at the bottom right corner.

download bing wallpaper

Facebook Connect –  If you want to download the Bing wallpapers regularly, you should be connected to Facebook. If you are logged into Facebook, simply click the download icon and the image will download instantly.

Remember, you can only download the current daily wallpaper, and you cannot download the older wallpapers.

failed download

So if you never want to miss the daily Bing wallpaper – Simply set Bing as default homepage in your browser (or a default tap which opens at startup) , so you can see the daily wallpaper and download it. If you stay logged into Facebook daily, then its a one click step to download Bing wallpapers!

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