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Download Most Popular Bing Wallpapers 2013

Download the most popular bing homepage images as Desktop Wallpapers and get amazingly beautiful images appreciated by Bing users over 2013. Bing has released these top 10 Bing wallpapers for your use this holiday season, and you can use them as wallpapers and screen savers.

Download Bing Wallpapers

Imagine this Bing wallpaper on your laptop/desktop screen!

Bing wallpaper

The most popular Bing homepages are selected based on best user interaction over 2013. Bing team is well known to select the very best of images and photos, passing through a rigorous process before it goes live for millions of visitors everyday.

Download Bing Wallpaper and Screensaver pack from the Official Microsoft downloads centre. This will download an .exe file. Click to run it and Bing will coax you to set  Bing as default search engine, and homepage – you can safely uncheck those boxes.

Bing terms

Once you are done your desktop wallpaper would have changed.  You can right click the desktop>Personalize and check that new images are available for setting wallpapers and a photo screensaver.

Daily Bing Downloads

Though you can manually download Bing wallpapers everyday, if you need to automatically get the daily Bing homepage image on your desktop – consider downloading Bing Desktop, which will download the latest Bing homepage images everyday and surprise you daily. The Bing software will also place a Bing search bar on your desktop for super quick searches.

Download now.


  1. Madhav Tripathi says:

    I do not use Bing for search but sure it is a good search engine and I like daily wallpapers on it.

  2. Tarun Singh says:

    Bing Desktop is a nice software.Wallpapers automatically changes daily as soon I connect to internet.

  3. fenny says:

    I love the beach view..
    That is very awesome

  4. Arslan says:

    It looks like Bing team selects stunning high-quality wallpapers. I use their search engine sometimes, and every time i visit their engine, they surprise me with different fascinating HD pics. Gonna check that out.

  5. AGR Ruslan says:

    its beautiful wallpaper. bing has a fresh look to attract more people to use it with this nice look.

  6. Ali says:

    Thanks for the post

  7. Sara says:

    No doubt Bing is one of the top search engine after Google. Thanks for beautiful wallpaper.

  8. uttkarshsing says:

    I like this pic. Its sky blue color is my fevoute. I like sea.

  9. Graffiti says:

    Amazing picture, I love the colours.

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