Download New Bing Wallpapers Automatically

Now download Bing Wallpapers free and set them to rotate as your computer desktop backgrounds automatically. Don’t you love the amazingly beautiful Bing wallpapers, and this nifty official Microsoft software will download and set desktop backgrounds easily. Bing is Microsoft’s popular search engine and now it plans to sit in front of your desktop everyday.

Download Bing Wallpapers

Download Bing Desktop on your computer (Windows 7 only) and then it will make this possible. Whenever the beautiful Bing wallpaper images update, the image on your desktop will also update. I installed the Bing Desktop, a small 1.4 MB file, and it installed instantly on Windows 7.

bing desktop bar

Upon installation, you can choose to select and choose to make MSN as your homepage on Internet explorer. You can also opt in to change Desktop wallpaper with the Bing Image of the day.

So installing it brought this big Bing search box with auto-suggest features on the middle of the desktop. Clicking on the large Bing icon below in the taskbar will make it disappear. Now you can search Bing directly from your desktop, even if your browser is not open. Since my default web browser is Google Chrome, the good part it does not mess with that and Bing results do open in a new tab in Google Chrome. You can no longer ignore Bing as it powers 30% of US Searches now.

Clicking on the i icon will tell you more information about the image. You can also click on the settings icon on the extreme right and you can decide to change settings like auto load at Windows Start-up, make daily Bing image your default wallpaper and use Windows+H key to toggle the search box visibility.

Bing options

I always wanted to display Bing HD wallpapers on my Computer Desktop background, and this Microsoft software made it possible. Download Bing Desktop now.

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