Free Daily Download: Bing HD Wallpapers!

The popular Bing Search engine now allows users to download HD wallpapers for free from their site homepage! Now you have another reason to visit the Bing Homepage daily at The Bing team is well known for choosing the best images to feature on the Bing homepage, and in fact several interviews do reveal how much effort goes into finding the perfect wallpaper everyday.

I often visit the Bing site to download wallpapers for my desktop. Everytime you get a choice of around 7 previous wallpapers also to choose from. But these wallpaper always got blurred and pixelated on my large HD monitor. Bing seems to have listened to its huge homepage image fan base … and now allows full HD images for download in high HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels!

bing wallpaper

Hover on the arrows on the bottom right of the image to switch wallpapers. Click on “Download Today’s Image” to download HD wallpaper  image! As I tried a few, the images are around 500KB to 1MB in size and so are quick to download and load. Of course these wallpapers do have the Bing watermark on the side, to publicize where you downloaded the wallpaper from.

In fact Bing also gives you an opportunity to download best Bing wallpapers of 2013 and if you really love Bing homepage wallpapers, consider downloading Bing Desktop, to automatically install new wallpapers everyday!


  1. nizam says:

    please tell us that can bing has any income source for us indians so please remind us the best games downloads

  2. Mohammad Rasid says:

    HD wallpapers have better resolution pixels and Nice Wallpapers

  3. Fahim Zada says:

    Great i am going to downlaod bing hd wallpapers for my pc thankx for the post

  4. Nurul says:

    Please tell me how do bing HD wallpapers downloads.I am very interest.

  5. Vinoth says:

    Bing search engine makes the beautiful home

  6. Shamit Khemka says:

    very good post i really love to download wallpapers in hd for free yappy ..

  7. Atanu Biswas says:

    This is very old post, but it might helpful to some one. I got recently a site to download bing wallpaper with a single click. It has option for different resolution. You might want to check.

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