How to Get Free Norton Security Software Upgrades

We all live update Norton antivirus definitions, but did you check for a new version for your Norton Antivirus, Internet Security or Norton 360 software! These are free software upgrades, but it will not upgrade automatically like antivirus definitions and you need to manually check new versions and install them.

I usually buy a 5 PC pack Norton 360 security software, and while always was happy with automatic live update of antivirus definitions, I realized late that a new software version check every few months allowed free software updates.

Update Norton Software

After opening your Norton software, Click on ‘Support’ in the top right corner and choose ‘New version check’.

norton update

A click on the new version will open a new browser window and if a product update is available, will allow you to download new version of your Norton software.

norton product update

Continuing with the update will download a small installer file, which will run the Norton Download manager and download files for the new Norton software version.

norton download manager

So while you always update your Norton subscription, do remember to perform a new version check once every few months. I have been doing these Norton software upgrades for free for many years, but the Norton software never gives an alert for a new version and you will always have to manually check for newer versions.

Its a good idea to install new versions as they are faster, with newer features and full of bug fixes and smart coding to outsmart viruses, trojans and malware.


  1. Ankur says:

    Any particular reason for using Norton Anti Virus? I have been using MS security essentials and now with Win 8, it is integrated into the OS itself. It does the job very well, without hogging the system.

    • P. Chandra says:

      I use multiuser Norton and newer versions are very light on the computer system. I have many times found viruses which other security software could not remove. Will try security essentials.

  2. lelobooks says:

    Any particular reason for using Norton Anti Virus.

  3. Burbot says:

    Why not use !avast instead? I’m not promoting avast or anything, but it’s quite a nice, free antivirus, with free updates. And what I like about it is that it starts its scanning routine before windows starts, catching the malware designed to hide also before windows starts or before your typical antivirus starts. So far, I like it.

  4. Ashly says:

    AVG best anti spyware and good Business Security Software download free avg antivirus software for your computer. Best free virus and anti spyware protection.

  5. Mohsin Ali says:

    Nice way to update Norton Antivirus but I think it’s little bit heavier than other security software’s.

  6. In2PcFix says:

    how effective is the Norton compared to the Microsoft security essential?

  7. Waheed Hussain says:

    Norton Antivirus is a amazing antivirus as I am using it, but in reply to mohsin I would let him know that your PC should be with good specifications.

  8. usman aziz says:

    nice way to update norton antivirus

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