How to Mute Adsense Ads

Did you know you can mute Adsense ads you do not like. I checked and many ads on our site – both text ads and image ads are showing a cross in the corner and when you hover over the cross, it displays options to mute the ad.

Mute Adsense Ads

See these new design Adsense text ads (which have the url at the top!), and have a cross at the bottom right. When you hover over it, an alert says ‘Mute This Ad’

mute adsense ads

Similarly if you see an image ad, there is a cross on the top right and hovering the mouse over it shows “Don’t show this ad again’.

mute adsense ad

And when you click to mute the ad, the ad goes away and is replaced by text which says ‘Ad Muted’. Clicking Undo will bring back the same ad.

Adsense mute ads

Google then also allows users to tweak their ad settings and gender, age, interest and opt out of interest-based Google ads altogether across the web if you like.  Right now I see this on standard size image ads and the new design text ads. Custom size Adsense ads are not showing this feature.

Muting ads will not make ads disappear from these websites, but its just that Google will try to show a better ad based on your interests next time!

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