How to Create Adsense Ads of Any Size!

Now you can create Adsense ads of any size! The launch of smart sizing responsive ads has already allowed Adsense to modify ad sizes based on web design on different screen resolutions. Now the custom ad sizes allows you to create Adsense units of any size!

Custom Adsense Units

This was supposed to be a perk for Premium Adsense publishers who got this powerful feature to change ad size as they liked to suit their website design. Becoming a Premium Adsense publisher is not easy and the privilege of a select few top sites. However, most publishers had to stick to the standard few sizes.

Now anyone can choose any ad size they like and Adsense wil decide how many text ads to show. Choose the Custom ad size option to get started.

custom adsense ads

Will Custom Ads Earn More?

By blending better with your site design, they might look better and might not really stick out as odd sized ads and get better CTR.

But on the flip side, display ads in the form or images and rich media ads might not be available for those ads sizes, reducing competition and thereby earnings per click. See if the smart sizing responsive ad is better for you here.

Custom Ad rules

So can you make an ad of any giant size and wait for Adsense to fill the inventory. There are already huge ad sizes like 300×600 and 970×90 if you are looking for giant ads. The rules are clear for custom ad sizes.

  • Width must be between 120 and 1200 pixels.
  • Height must be between 50 and 1200 pixels.
  • Only one dimension can be over 300 pixels.

adsense custom sizes

Custom Ad code

Note the code style of these ads is also a little different. For example we see a 500×200 ad code here.

<script async src="//"></script>
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So which custom Adsense size will you implement today?

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