The Perks of Google AdSense Premium Accounts

There is a separate class of Adsense Premium publishers who make much more money than common Adsense accounts. As per reports, if your site receives more than 5 million search queries or 20 million content page views a month, you may qualify for AdSense premium service.

Google AdSense Premium

lots of money

Qualified publishers are eligible for AdSense premium service, which provides the following benefits:

  • Google account manager – to take care of all your account details and help you with with better ad placement tips and provide additional monetization options to make more money for you.
  • Customized revenue terms – more commission than that paid to standard publisher accounts.
  • Flexible ad formats – You might not need to be stuck with typical rectangle and banner ads. You can choose the ad size you like to fit in your site design. [Update: Now Adsense allows all publishers to choose any size format.]
  • Advanced and more robust filtering – Choose keywords for which you want to target your ads. Well targeted ads relevant to adjoining content will get more clicks. See more about Adsense keywords code.

So if your site is lucky enough to have 5 million search queries or 20 million content page views a month – Check out AdSense premium service. It helps bigger sites make more money. Anyway, if you have that kind of huge traffic, they would have already enrolled you in the program.

Update: Now Google has removed these requirements publicly and the terms and eligibility criteria may not be same anymore.

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