Best Google Adsense Placement for Blogs and Forums

Where should you place Google Adsense ads for  highest CTR? Here are the best Adsense placement tips for blogs/ forums as suggested by Google Adsense team itself.

Google Adsense shares new recommendations for ad implementation, (which will vary depending on your web page), but are the outcome of Adsense testing across millions of blogs and forums. Of course the  best way is to optimize your site through regular experimentation.

Best Adsense Placement for Blogs

Google Adsense ads on your homepage. 728×90, 160×600, 300x250px Adsense ad units work best for high CTR.

adsense blog homepage adsense blog homepage

Google Adsense ads on your article pages. 160×600, 336x280px

adsense blog article adsense blog article

Best Adsense Placement for Forums

Google Adsense ads on your forum homepage, category, post page 728x90px banner is by far the best choice when used wiht link units.

adsense forum homepage adsense forum category page

adsense forum post page

So follow these Adsense placement guidelines and improve your CTR to make money online. Read more Adsense tips. You can also get official support via Google AdSense Optimization Specialists.


  1. ish kumar says:

    Good Article, but most of the blog templates cant provide us Centre Ad placement, does any one tell me that – “is it ok to put the ad code in between our Post / Posts ?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Finally it depends as every website has a different design. If center palcement gets you good CTR, go for it.

      • Swamykant says:

        I have tried this and it work well. But the problem is we have add the code manually

        Otherwise the site won’t look good. If you are premium adsense user, then it is good to have a unit with the same width of post content. we can find such examples @ and

  2. Kader says:

    Very nice topic .

  3. akhan says:

    In the end it all depends on the design of a particular site.

  4. Dalas says:

    Thanks for the post, this actually makes me feel better, as my site does not have anywhere to place an opt-in box above the fold OR to place ads on the right hand side, which usually convert better than ads on the left hand side. But there is a lot of area in the middle of the page that I can use for ads which, apparently, is also a good placement!

  5. Ish Kumar says:

    actually my question is that : “can we put the Adsense Code in BETWEEN (inside) our POST” but as i remember if we put the adsense code in between our post as well as top and bottom as well —– so- will it comes under the terms of voilatin ? because more then 3 Banner Ads not Allow ?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You can put your adsense ads inside posts, before posts and after posts. Inside posts has best CTR. More than 3 banners not allowed / will not work.

      • Ish Kumar says:

        Thanks QuickOnlineTips…. it is good to know that “Inside Post has best CTR”…. Thanks for shairing valuable tip.

  6. blog says:

    I need post because i am new..i dnt know where top place questions is can we put adsense code just above the contents below the heading of article..Thanks in advance.

  7. BrainCandy says:

    Good info thanks.

    What plugins do you use to place your adsense?

  8. Ish Kumar says:

    Hi friends please tell me that whether we can mix adsense with other Ad Programs Like Adbrite ? and what is google approved networks ?
    Thanks, I.K. Sachdeva.

  9. Tech Crates says:

    Excellent placement tips…I am using the placements 1 and 3 combined on my blog.

  10. Gustavo - Negocios Innovadores says:

    Nice Tips.
    I have the homepage1 but instead of the top ad of 728×90 i use the 365×250 it works better in my case.

  11. Mifta says:

    I always rejected when I sign up to google adsense,,,,

  12. Somenath Sen says:

    Nice info..but i think most of time 728×90 ad units working best for geting high CTR……

  13. WordPress Plugins says:

    I think that most important tips for Adsense is how ads are implemented in web site look. Placement is debatable, sometimes there is no rules and positions what are less attractive gets more results.

  14. adsense says:

    What makes a site look better placement of ads, relevant content…great!

  15. says:

    thanks sharing useful info… making it look more better

  16. Avalon Cat Cartoons says:

    Thanks. I think the ad units from the second picture will work best for my cat cartoon blog. It’s always a challenge to put the ads in efficient places without making your blog look ugly.

  17. Sonu says:

    Ooops it seems you need to run spell-checker “banner is by far the best choice when used [wiht] link units”

  18. Avenir says:

    I thought the best place for on the homepage all the way to the top.

  19. mguard says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas about where to place adsense on your page or on your blogs. This will surely help especially to internet marketers.

  20. Web Site Placement says:

    A Search Engine Optimization, ranking, and placement services company, Networld Online SEO is the solution for SEO tools and advice, including Multiple full service marketing programs

  21. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    Thanks for sharing this trick . But where to post adsense link unites ?

  22. เสื้อผ้าเด็กนำเข้า says:

    This is so helpful. The fun part about this is to try them and discover a better and better way to place.

  23. BEst adsense CTR says:

    Cool post letz try this n increase the ctr…

  24. Amrish SIngh says:

    Always post ads on the place that catch you reader mind . When they see the add the the chances on click will increase and you will get money

  25. Randy Lee says:

    They’re good suggestions to start, but mover them around and compare the CTR for each placement and size.

    Make sure to take the time to customize the look for your site as well. Ad blindness isn’t nearly as bad if it looks like it belongs there.

  26. Amrish Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice tip . better placement of ads on blog may increase your CTR and good CTR means good earning

  27. MMNCS.COM says:

    Some good strategies for Google Adsense placement.

  28. danny says:

    Great information to help newbies like me optimize brand new sites for best ad placement. Never would have thought ad placement would make such a difference.

  29. sva says:

    what best plugin for placing best place of google ads?

  30. Kashyap says:

    Well its not so easy to make money with blog and website,but yes its true that if you are on right track that means if you are working with adsense and also have unique contents along with proper SEO you can earn a good income but it takes time,you can have a look at my blog regarding proper SEO methods

  31. Googma Sansar says:

    Hey Friend ! Google Adsense is all about Number or it is game of number. if you have big number and will get higher chances to earn big number of digit and vise versa.

  32. Sahil Garg says:

    Thanks For Sharing the Best Place for adsesne article, i Tried many tricks to get Decent CTR, but Now i know the Real place to Get Most out of it. Thank For The Info :)

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