Best Google Adsense Placement for Blogs and Forums

Where should you place Google Adsense ads for  highest CTR? Here are the best Adsense placement tips for blogs/ forums as suggested by Google Adsense team itself.

Google Adsense shares new recommendations for ad implementation, (which will vary depending on your web page), but are the outcome of Adsense testing across millions of blogs and forums. Of course the  best way is to optimize your site through regular experimentation.

Best Adsense Placement for Blogs

Google Adsense ads on your homepage. 728×90, 160×600, 300x250px Adsense ad units work best for high CTR.

adsense blog homepage adsense blog homepage

Google Adsense ads on your article pages. 160×600, 336x280px

adsense blog article adsense blog article

Best Adsense Placement for Forums

Google Adsense ads on your forum homepage, category, post page 728x90px banner is by far the best choice when used wiht link units.

adsense forum homepage adsense forum category page

adsense forum post page

So follow these Adsense placement guidelines and improve your CTR to make money online. Read more Adsense tips. You can also get official support via Google AdSense Optimization Specialists.

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