Fix FTP Connection Information Error on WordPress Plugin Upgrades

Are you always required to input FTP Connection Information for WordPress Plugin Upgrades and WordPress upgrades? WordPress has made it actually a one click process, but still many bloggers are stuck with this.

wordpress upgrade error

We too have been experiencing this FTP Connection Information required alert everytime we want to upgrade WordPress or upgrade WordPress plugins or install WordPress plugins. And for some strange reason, even after entering the correct information, it would often simply time out. We had to do manual FTP upgrades everytime.

WordPress FTP Connection Information

But as I started to plan a few new sites on Hostgator, I realized how simple and efficiently WordPress one click upgrades work there. I realized it was some hosting related issue, and was a lot to do with WordPress file permissions and file ownership – so we contacted our excellent Knownhost VPS hosting, and as usual their excellent knowledgeable  support had the answers.

PHP on your server is running as DSO and hence the plugin installations or wordpress upgrade will be one under the apache user and this is why you will have to correct the permissions each time you are installing plugins.  To resolve the issue completely, suPHP should be enabled on the server. If suPHP is enabled on the server then the PHP scripts will be running under the ownership of the account user. So the php scripts will create the directories/files with the account ownership.

Well so they did a recompilation of Apache/PHP and enabled suPHP on the server. It took 1 hour, there was no downtime and the FTP Connection Information Errors were gone forever and WordPress one click installs and upgrades were working just fine. Now you can fix it too.


  1. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Hmm thank you for sharing this very useful tutorial.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I am sure many WordPress bloggers will find this useful. Upgrading to WP 3.1 was the easiest ever this time.

  2. ZerviDesk Systems India says:

    >> PHP on your server is running as DSO.

    What is meant by *DSO* ?

  3. Enrique Medina says:

    Great! I will always have this problem. I will apply this solution and hope all work cool.

    But i think than the problem is my server, is very bad. I don’t know that before buy my space.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Get a good host. Since most shared hosting providers host multiple accounts on the same server, I guess they alreadh have suPHP and 1 click install work well with them.

  4. Rich says:

    think i will change hosts when my contract is over

  5. ZerviDesk Systems India says:

    Based on my research I found that these kind of problems can also occur when you are changing hosts with different Web hosting control panels.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thats right. Different webhosts have different configurations. But it is not possible to find out every detail when switching. Most people will not have much technical knowledge about fine hosting details.

  6. Steve says:

    I’ve used a plugin Auto FTP on several sites that had this problem. It saves the FTP login info and eliminates the need to log in each time, even on sites whose servers are configured to not allow this.

    Although it says it is only tested through WP 2.8.4 it is working fine on these sites running 3.0.5


    Good one. But I have a huge problem right now. How do I save my settings in order to upgrade to the new wordpress 3.1 version. I dont want to loose my posts and files.

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