KnownHost VPS Hosting Offers Best Tech Support Ever

Its been over a week since we moved to KnownHost Managed VPS hosting and till now it has been a great hosting experience. Right form the beginning the experience was incredible starting with the sales team, and then tech support. I am so overwhelmed with their outstanding support, that it is a good example to highlight how hosting support teams should work.

Super Fast Response Time – If there is one single reason I recommend you move to Knownhost, it is the amazing customer support. I must have exchanged about a hundred emails by now, and any hosting service would have been really annoyed by my constantly help seeking emails, but believe me the average response time of each of these emails was 5-10 minutes! In fact I am so spoilt now that if the response time starts crossing 5 min, I think the email might not have been sent.

Managed VPS is managed – I am glad I took a managed hosting solution because moving from shared hosting, there are hundreds of parameters to track, set and goof up. Unless you are an expert in server management, there are high chances you have simple working knowledge, which is not enough to run your own server with root access. Over so many emails, I have never got a response that was inappropriate and in general they were happy to help out a new customer finding his way around the server jungle.

Tech Support is Smart, Accurate – The engineers know what they are dealing with and are true professionals. I have been prodding my way around Cpanel, WHM, PowerPanel, FTP, CFS and they have helped me at every step, and each time the answer was precise, they understood what I wanted, they guided me to fix it in detailed steps with reference links, and set it up if I still fumbled.

Support Ticket Tracking – Each support ticket is tracked, numbered and kept open or on hold such that the same support  guy keeps attending to your issue. There is accountability at every step, but since they know what they are doing, it works.

Open to Contact –  The contact page clearly has emails for each department you want to reach. They have telephone numbers, fax numbers, and are eager to help you out in every possible way to keep your site online.

24/7 Support is Not a Myth – These guys are actually sitting there with that quick response time even on Sundays, and off working hours. I found the the same response time on weekdays, Sundays and off working hours. Since our time in India is totally different from US, having a support team actively interested in your problem, is really noteworthy.

Hats off to Jennifer, Chris, Ryan, Mike, Kate, Paul who helped us get online and stay online. I will continue to elaborate my experience about Knownhost and migrating a wordpress blog over the next few days.

I am exploring lots of features in the panels, and I am sure there are many competitive VPS companies, but as of now, if I can give you a single most important reason I love Knownhost – it is their incredible customer support. Send a sales query and see for yourself….

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