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Google / Microsoft Bing COVID Trackers: Live Corona Virus Updates

bing covid tracker

Google and Microsoft Bing COVID-19 tracker provide live updates of active Coronavirus cases occurring across the world along with the number of fatalities.  This is a unique effort by Microsoft Bing and Google to track COVID-19 patients and map source data from reliable respected sources. Bing COVID Tracker The COVID-19 Tracker site gives comprehensive live… Read more »

First Amazon Book Store Opens in Seattle!

amazon books

Amazon has actually opened a physical book store in University Village, Seattle where book lovers can hold, read and buy books the usual way without logging into the Amazon website. What is so special here? Only the best books based on reader ratings and popularity charts will be available for sale here. The books will… Read more »

Grab Your Paypal.Me Vanity Url to Get Paid

paypal pay

Paypal now offers a free vanity url like to allow Paypal users to collect payments from friends, family and clients. Simply send your link, and ask your friends to pay for that group party or allow crowdfunding of your event by your fans, customers or clients. It in fact changes the way people… Read more »

Amazon Prime Day on July 15: Bigger Than Black Friday!

amazon prime day

Amazon Prime Day is on 15 July 2015 and it promises to be bigger than Black Friday! The catch is that the deep discount deals are available only for Amazon Prime members on that day. The day marks celebrations of Amazon’s 20th Birthday. Amazon Prime Day Amazon is celebrating its 20th birthday is style, with… Read more »

Fastest Way to Shop: Amazon Dash Button

amazon dash button

Now you can press the Amazon Dash button and get your regular shopping supplies delivered without having to login to Amazon, browse the website, pay online and choose from a range of shipping options. The Amazon Dash aims to make shopping faster than ever. Amazon Dash button After you buy the Amazon Dash button, simply… Read more »

QuickCache to ZenCache: Fix WordPress Caching Errors

disable zencache

As you migrated from WordPress caching plugin QuickCache to ZenCache, did caching stop working. We have been using Quickcache as our default WordPress caching plugin for several years now. Now QuickCache has stopped updates and is migrating to ZenCache, so bloggers need to switch their WordPress caching plugin to continue getting updates. QuickCache to ZenCache While… Read more »

Download YouTube Kids App with Parental Controls

youtube kids app

Now you can download YouTube kids app, a new YouTube experience for children. Google has launched this new YouTube app, built from the ground up, especially for streaming video content suitable for children of all ages. Parents can now allow their children to view YouTube videos without worrying about inappropriate content. YouTube Kids App The… Read more »

HTTP/2 vs HTTP: The Web Just Got Faster


HTTP/2,the next big change in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP network protocol used by the World Wide Web is finalized. It comes a good 15 years after the HTTP 1.1 protocol was implemented in 1999. HTTP/2 promises to make the web faster! HTTP/2 It is intended to work as an alternative to HTTP 1.1 and a large… Read more »

Amazon Prime Now Pushes 1 Hour Delivery!

amazon prime now

Amazon Prime Now has pushed the delivery time to one hour in Manhattan! The new service by Amazon promises to deliver a huge range of needed products for additional $7.99 only, and 2 hour delivery is free! The trial is on in Manhattan right now and they expect to expand the service to more cities… Read more »

Read 2000 Popular Magazines Online for Rs. 500 Monthly!

magzter magzines

Magzter Gold now offers you 2000+ popular magazines for a  low subscription fee of around RS 500 per month ($8). This is a great deal for magazine readers, as this allows not only subscription for the future editions, but also for all archives of these magazines. Magzter Gold Previously Next Issue was a popular site which… Read more »