Key Lessons From TEDx TughlaqRd Delhi

I just came back after attending TEDx TughlaqRd, the Delhi Edition of TEDx which was held in the beautiful Indian Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi. Though this is the 3rd year TEDx is being held in New Delhi, this was my first opportunity to attend it and here are some glimpses from the event.

TEDx shares the spirit of TED and is all about “ideas worth spreading“. The event is a mix of TED videos and speakers who have ideas to share about how they made a difference.

TEDx TughlaqRd Delhi

I booked the tickets via Bookmyshow and it was an enthralling experience. The theme was ‘Life is GifTEDx’ where x meant ‘my gift to the world’. The event was ably curated by Nehha Bhatnagar.

tedx tickets

The event started with an amazing musical performance called SPACE about women’s empowerment. This was followed by the success secrets of the Tashi and Nungshi Malik sisters who have climbed Mt Everest and several other peaks. They explained how we should conquer the mountains in our hearts to succeed.

tedx malik sisters

Dakshina Vaidyanathan and her team spectacularly danced to Newton’s Law of Karma.

Kuldeep Singh Rajput showcased the mECG, a way to record ECG without sticky electrodes, using mobile apps. He also showed some amazing health gadgets developed in the MIT Health Tech Workshop.

Kiran Nadar showcased works of top artists from her Museum of Art and gave an insight on how to read paintings and keep on seeking the best of art.

Then there was a beautiful TED video about the hidden beauty of pollination captured through the lens of Louie Schwartzberg.

Amit Tandon, master of standup comedy had the audience in splits with tales about the Indian male. Then there was high tea with on-the-house unlimited tea, muffins, and sandwiches! A great idea to keep hungry people hooked after the break.


Chandrima Roy Majumdar then showcased amazing Sarod skills while talking about the faith with which she rose to be a Sarod expert.

tedx sarod

Amit Dahiyabadshah enthralled the audience with brilliant intelligent poetry, followed by Sinu Joseph’s message about female hygiene and the social programs she runs across India.

tedx poetry

Raghu Khanna talked about the 3F’s in his life –  Fear, Failure, and Faith which helped him succeed as an entrepreneur in what he calls  ‘transit advertising’, a new form of advertising on cars.

The event closed with amazing painting skills by Uttam Kumar, who overcame his disabilities to paint using his feet!

Key Lessons from TEDx Delhi

Some key messages I wrote while enjoying the event.

  • Rise above the ordinary, rise above the mundane
  • Cross the mountains in your heart, rise above comfort zones
  • Time is limited, Don’t waste living someone else life – Steve Jobs
  • Become creators, not consumers
  • Develop a sense of wonder
  • Do not follow stereotypes
  • Chart your own course – keep the faith
  • Always think the impossible and make it happen
  • You need to fail to succeed

Well, I had a super time enjoying TEDx TughlakRd in Delhi and definitely look forward to attending it the next time. If TEDx is happening in your city –  don’t miss it.

Update: Here was a TED video which was in the program, but there was no time to show it. A cyber-magic card trick like no other.

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