Download Opera Coast Web Browser for iPad, iPhone

Have you downloaded Opera Coast web browser app for iPad and iPhone –  it promises a  new way to browse and search the web. The minimal clean interface will make you wonder why you never used this browser before and continue to use Safari or the alternative Chrome browser.

Opera Coast Web Browser

I have been using Opera Coast for sometime now and am delighted by the user experience. The no button / no tab format saves a lot of critical screen space and actually provides the maximum screen space for viewing in the browser (its like always running the browser full screen!). This is particularly useful for smaller iPhone screens where it maximizes screen utilization.

Here is screenshot of the front page of my iPad Opera Coast.

Opera Coast Browser

Actually there is not much to using it. It works by swipes and taps and that is all. All the favorites are stuck like apps on the front screen of Opera. There is a single button on the bottom which brings back the home screen and small tab icons which allow you to swipe between open web pages.  Simple. Cool.

See this video for some more great insights.

While Opera is a great browser and been around for a decade, the Opera mobile browser is different from the Opera Coast. I bet you have tried Opera sometime on your computer, but do give Opera Coast a try. Download Opera Coast now and experience the new  browser.

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